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The three unwritten rules of life:

18 August 2019
Added: Lilian Silburn, Techniques of Transmission in Kashmir Saivism
13 August 2019
Reformat: Jim Burns, At Home with the Inner Self
11 August 2019
Updated CSS: J.J. van der Leeuw, Conquest of Illusion
21 August 2019
Update html and CSS: Kukai, Attaining Buddhahood With The Present Body
4 August 2019
Added: Alex Wayman: Kukai (Kobo Daishi) and Shingon
27 July 2019
Added: H.P. Blavatsky, [Español] La Voz del Silencio
Update: H.P. Blavatsky, Voice of the Silence
23 July 2019
Added to Albigen.Com: Ramana Maharshi, ¿Quién Soy Yo? y Cuarenta versos sobre la realidad [español]
21 July 2019
Reformat in sister site Albigen.Com: Awareness Watching Awareness
Reformat in Albigen.Com: Most Rapid and Direct Means to Eternal Bliss
24 June 2019
Update to valid html, section Celibacy-Quotes
29 May 2019
Reformat: Dried Shit Zen quotes
24 May 2019
Reformat pages at sister site, Albigen.Com
20 May 2019
Added: Jerry Brewster, [fair use extract] Personality
Added: Jerry Brewster, Jerry Brewster, [español] La Personalidad
13 May 2019
Reformat: Quimby Manuscripts
7 May 2019
Added: Gampopa's Instructions to the First Karmapa
Added: [Español] Instrucciones de Gampopa para el Primer Karmapa
19 April 2019
Added: Index page for Healing section
6 March 2019
Reformat: George C. LeGros, Blavatsky on the Problem of Sex
Reformat: William Quan Judge, Communications from "Spirits", Their Sources and Methods
14 January 2019
Added: Siddharameshwar, The Causal Body and Forgetfulness
Added: Siddharameshwar, [Español] El cuerpo causal y el ovido
3 December 2018
Added: Ramana Maharshi, Self-Enquiry
Added: Ramana Maharshi, [Español] La Autoindagación
1 December 2018
Moved: Siddharameshwar, Amrut Laya/Dasbodh Selections, from Nisargadatta directory to:
8 November 2018
Added: Gurdjieff, Aphorisms
Added: Gurdjief, [Español] Aforismos de Gurdjieff
29 October 2018
Reformat: Eckartshausen, Cloud Upon the Sanctuary
1 October 2018
Reformat: Kabir, Songs of Kabir
Added: Kabir, [Español] Canciones de Kabir
22 September 2018
Update: Alexandra David-Néel, Tulpa Creation in Tibet
Update: Walter Evans-Wentz, Brief Comments on Tulpa Creation
Added: Alexandra David-Néel, Magical Creation of a Yidam
Added: Alexandra David-Néel, On Tibetan Buddhist Hermits
18 September 2018
Added: Hakuin Ekaku, Song of Meditation
Added: Hakuin Ekaku, The Cicada's Wing
17 September 2018
Added: Chögyam Trungpa, Energy and Emotional Transformation
Added: Chögyam Trungpa, [Español] Energía y transmutación emocional
13 September 2018
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff via Ouspensky, (English and Spanish)
Comments on going madComentarios sobre volverse loco
12 September 2018
Revised: Mantak Chia, The Most Effective Cure for Kundalini Psychosis
Added: Mantak Chia, [Español], La cura más efectiva para la psicosis Kundalini
10 September 2018
Added: P.D. Ouspensky, (Spanish and English) Notes on the Decision to Work,
Notas sobre la Decisión de Trabajar
10 September 2018
Added: William Walker Atkinson, 'Tres Iniciados', [Español] El Kybalion
1 September 2018
Added: Trungpa Rinpoche, [Español] La Via Dificil
Reformatted and Moved: Trungpa Rinpoche, The Hard Way
31 August 2018
Reformat: Franz Hartmann, In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom - Chapter 8, Alchemy
29 August 2018
Added: William Walker Atkinson, 'Three Initiates' The Kybalion
26 August 2018
Reformat: James H. Loryea a.k.a. Santanelli, "What Hypnosis Really Is"
25 August 2018
Added: Aphorisms by Alfred R. Orage
Added: Aforismos de Alfred R. Orage [Español]
10 August 2018
Added: G. I. Gurdjieff: The Last Hour of Life
Added: G. I. Gurdjieff, [Español] La Última Hora De Vida
5 August 2018
Added: P.D. Ouspensky, [Español] Psicología de la Posible Evolución del Hombre
3 August 2018
Added: Jeanne de Salzmann, extract from The Reality of Being:
"Where our attention is" (English) "Dónde está nuestra atención" [Español]
23 July 2018
Added: P.D. Ouspensky, Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution
22 July 2018
Added: 'Theron Q. Dumont' (William Walker Atkinson), Lesson 22, Efficient Association, from Practical Memory Training
19 July 2018
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff, Chapter 7, "How Can We Gain Attention?" from Views from the Real World
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff, [Español] Capítulo 7, "¿Cómo podemos ganar atención?" from Perspectivas desde el mundo real
27 June 2018
Added/updated: Index to Gurdjieff quotes section (Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Nicoll, Orage, Bennett, de Salzmann)
27 June 2018
Added: Maurice Nicoll, "Centers and Parts of Centers", extracted from Volume 1 of Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
7 June 2018
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff, "Influencias A, B y C" (Influences A, B and C) Spanish and English
1 June 2018
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff, "Consideración, Interior y Exterior" (Considering, Internal and External) Spanish and English
1 June 2018
Added: G.I. Gurdjieff, "The Obyvatel" (Householder/Cabeza de Familia) English and Spanish
22 May 2018
Added: Richard Lemon, Psychiatry, the Uncertain Science (1968)
2 May 2018
Added: G.I Gurdjieff, "Auto-Observación (Self-Observation) Spanish and English"
Added: G.I Gurdjieff, "Auto-Observación (Self-Observation), Parte 2: Los Centros (The Centers)"
Added: G.I Gurdjieff, "Auto-Observación (Self-Observation), Parte 3: La imaginación (The Imagination)"
16 Mar 2018
Added: A.R. Orage, The Five Obligolnian Strivings (English)
Added: A.R. Orage, Los Cinco Esfuerzos Obligolnianos [Español, traducción haqueado por Google]
12 Mar 2018
Added: Carlos de la Garza, La Interrogante de Gurdjieff [Español]
Added: Carlos de la Garza, Gurdjieff's Question [English version of the above, hacked]
20 Feb 2018
Added: J.G. Bennet, Gurdjieff: La Ciencia del Idiotismo [Español]
12 Feb 2018
Added: Anonymous, G.I. Gurdjieff: The Science of Idiotism
2 Jul 2017
Added: Mantak Chia, The Most Effective Cure for Kundalini Psychosis
29 Mar 2017
Reformat: Huang-po, Dharma of Mind Transmission
21 Mar 2017
Reformat: Alfred Pulyan, Letters from a Zen Master
21 Mar 2017
Moved (and replaced, see above): Alfred Pulyan, Letters from a Zen Master, widescreen format
20 Mar 2017
Reformat: Alfred Pulyan, "The Penny That Blocks Out The Sun"
17 Mar 2017
Added: Sri Sivanananda, "Manonasa (Annihilation of the Mind)"
9 Mar 2017
Reformat: Tibetan Buddhist Understanding of Anger
3 Mar 2017
Added: SSL certificate, switch from http to https
3 Mar 2017
Update: Len Kravitz, Ph.D, "Fat Facts"
23 Feb 2017
Added: Vernon Howard, "Goodness Is Intelligence"
22 Feb 2017
Added: "Talks on Sri Ramana Maharshi" 42 min Youtube video
2 Feb 2017
Added: William Samuel, "The Truth About Identity"
1 Feb 2017
Added: Buddhist Scriptures ch 5, "The Chain of Causation"
30 Jan 2017
Added: The Maid of Orlach Possession
29 Jan 2017
Reformat: Max Freedon Long, The Secret Science Behind Miracles
20 Jan 2017
Added: Vernon Howard, "Satan's Sinister Secrets Exposed"
16 Jan 2017
Reformat: Torkom Saraydarian, "Obsession and Possession"
14 Jan 2017
Reformat: Richard Rose, 1) The Mind; 2) Yoga Hatha, Shabd, and Raja
12 Jan 2017
Added: Steven Brier, "Archetypal Autism FAQ"
7 Jan 2017
Added: Clara Llum, If Buddha Gets In Your Way, Kill 'Em
7 Jan 2017
Reformat: Sri Sadhu Om, Self-inquiry
5 Jan 2017
Added: Pulyan-Rose Correspondence, Letters from a Zen Master
2 Jan 2017
Reformat: H.P. Blavatsky, Voice of the Silence
28 Dec 2016
Reformat: Gurdjieff, Classification of Idiots
27 Dec 2016
Added: J. Krishnamurti, At the Feet of the Master
26 Dec 2016
Added: Mable Collins, Light on the Path
24 Dec 2016
Removed large PDFs from the Magic section, added redirect page
22 Dec 2016
Reformat: Karma Chakme Rinpoche, Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen
21 Dec 2016
Removed some large PDFs and all video from Tibetan section, added redirect page
20 Dec 2016
Removed Mentalism section
18 Dec 2016
Removed PDFs from Science section
17 Dec 2016
Removed Osho PDFs, replaced with book-list resources page
11 Dec 2016
Reformat: Max Freedom Long,
Huna: The Workable Psycho-Religious System of the Polynesians
9 Dec 2016
Reformat: Fraud Links page
8 Dec 2016
Reformat: Van der Leeuw, Conquest of Illusion
6 Dec 2016
Added: Full sitemap in XML format
6 Dec 2016
Reformat: Osho On Zen (and Hubert Benoit)
5 Dec 2016
Reformat: Nisargadatta, brief comments on Ramana Maharshi
3 Dec 2016
Reformat: Home, Site map, Change log, Contact page
2 Dec 2016
Reformat: Siddharameshwar, Selections from Amrut Laya
Many server outages at hosting provider in October and November, apologies.
Updating website to mobile-friendly pages
30 Nov 2016
Reformat: Dried Shit Zen Roshi, What Is Shingon Magic?
30 Nov 2016
Reformat: Kukai, Attaining Buddhahood With The Present Body
27 Nov 2016 - ongoing
Fixing broken links, general maintenance
24 Nov 2016
Added: Gopal Krishna's collection, Brahmacharya Quotes
16 Nov 2016
Reformat: Jacob Boehme, Mysterium Magnum
11 Nov 2016
Added: Osho, 75 Quotes on Brahmacharya
8 Nov 2016
Reformat: Franz Hartmann, Magic White and Black
22 Nov 2016
Added: Two pages by Gurdjieff to the Celibacy section
17 Oct 2016
Reformat: William Quan Judge, Communications from Spirits
17 Oct 2016
Added: George Cardinal Legros, Blavatsky on Problem of Sex
14 Oct 2016
Reformat: Articles pages in Hearing Voices section
11 Oct 2016
Added: Trungpa Rinpoche, The Hard Way
10 Oct 2016
Added: Aldous Huxley, Self-Transcendence
10 Oct 2016
Reformat: Articles pages in Psychology section
7 Oct 2016
Added: Stratton, Developing Mental Power (childhood education)
30 Sep 2016
Reformat: All section index pages to uniform appearance
29 Sep 2016
Update: Len Kravitz Fat Facts
29 Sep 2016
Reformat: Bio of Ambrose and Olga Worrell
22 Sep 2016
Added: Canonical links to PDFs using http custom headers
19 Sep 2016
Update: Discussion On Making All Things Equal
12 Sep 2016
Reformat: Hartmann, Life of Paracelsus
7 Sep 2016
Reformat: Sivananda, Practice of Brahmacharya
2 Sep 2016
Reformat: Bernard, Physiological Value of Continence
29 Aug 2016
Added: Adi Shankara quotes on Brahmacharya
29 Aug 2016
Reformat: All pages in Celibacy Quotes section
Prototype of new format for all except section index pages
15 Aug 2016
Added: Radha Soami Satsang by Jayaram V
13 Aug 2016
Added: Radha Soami section to site
29 July 2016
Added: New Thought section to site
19 Aug 2016
Update: Joseph Sadony, Gates of the Mind
26 Jul 2016
Added: Richard Rise, The Mind
24 Jul 2016
Added: Joseph Sadony, Pine Needles
20 Jul 2016
Added: Obituary of Joseph Sadony
15 Jul 2016
Added: Joseph Sadony, The Golden Chalice
13 Jun 2016
Added: The Secret Behind "The Secret Swami"
8 Jul 2016
Added: Twelve Links of Dependent Arising
3 Jul 2016
Added: Quimby Manuscripts
3 Jun 2016
Update: Hubert Benoit, The Supreme Doctrine
1 Jun 2016
Added: Alexandra David-Neel, Tulpa Creation
1 Jun 2016
Added: Evans-Wentz, Tulpa Creation
16 Apr 2016
Added: Siddharameshwar, Selections from Amrut Laya
15 Apr 2016
Added: Max Freedom Long, Secret Science Behind Miracles
15 Apr 2016
Updated: Max Freedom Long, Huna Bulletin
27 Mar 2016
Added: 4 versions of Hsin-Hsin Ming (Faith in Mind)
7 Mar 2016
Added: Krishnamurti, Conversation on Afterlife
7 Mar 2016
Updated: John Wren Lewis, Dazzling Dark
20 Feb 2016
Added: Karma Chakme Rinpoche, Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen
27 Jan 2016
Added: Songs of Kabir
24 Jan 2016
Added: Thomas Cleary, Comments on the Five Ranks of Dongshan Liangjie
16 Jan 2016
Added: Eckartshausen, Cloud Upon the Sanctuary

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