Sadony Obit

The Golden Chalice
Joseph Sadony

[published 1948]


When in a quiet, peaceful mood why not ask your soul a few questions as I do mine in the following meditations, and see what answers you get?

If nothing more it can be a game of review to see what you have and what you are that you call "I", your very "Self".

A fool won’t, because he can’t. So try it and judge for yourself by just having a date with God who is not so far away as you think.

If this little Book comes into profane hands that leave your fingerprints upon it, you may laugh at this, so tears may follow to wash clean the windows of your soul. Be of an open mind, and your heart will not shrivel up into a hangman’s knot.

The voice within tries to tell us: I walk among ye, still ye know me not. My name is Love. The window of thy soul needs cleaning from the dust and grime of hatred. Then thou wilt behold me, as did those who lived two thousand years ago. For love and divine spirit are eternal, living in the world of immortality. Believeth thou this?

Might not the Master sometimes whisper to your mind: Lend me thy heart just for today, that thy deeds may be fruitful in the eyes of our heavenly Father.

Can this not be possible, as the promise: "I shall be with thee even unto the end." And , "Come unto me all ye who are heavily laden, and I will give ye rest."

One night in the inspiration of my meditation I exclaimed, "What a joy to realize these truths!"

The answer came: "Now, my son, thou knowest without having read."

I thought and felt sincerely, "Master, I am not worthy to receive in this way."

I got my answer: My son, find one who is. Do I make a mistake in my choice, or thou in not believing it?

I thought: "But it seems sacrilegious, according to what I have been taught in youth, thus to assume this familiarity."

"My son," came the answer, "since when was the love of a mother for her newly-born sacrilegious? Who and by what right has any man not a prophet to estimate spiritual values when his lips have not been touched by the Divine Spirit?"

"Master, do you inspire men as to what they should say to the people?"

"I do my son."

"What men are they?"

"Only he who will deliver the message in person as I did."

"But why not in books published?"

"Because it then is in the hands of those who can alter the message by subtle mistakes with excuse of correction."

"But will it be so altered from its true meaning?"

"Has it not been done since time immemorial, to cause all modern confusion as in the building of the Tower of Babel ?"

"How shall we express it?"

"Only from the heart’s emotion; not the intellect but the spiritual sentiment of mortality that does not confuse, and is better understood."

"Then perhaps I should not print these things?"

"Thou mayest print them as a gift to those who understand by their own sense of inspiration, as if it were their own. For what thou beholdeth is ever thine, even the largest mountain. If not, how canst thou bring it from thy memory? Though the mountain be removed and scattered, it is thine still."

Thus I offer you a gift of what is already yours. For if not, I have given you nothing but a reminder to "Seek, Knock and Ask" -- as I did.


Valley of the Pines
MARCH, 1948

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