The Secret Science Behind Miracles


Max Freedom Long

Secret Science Behind Miracles, Shadowy Bodies of Man

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Chapter 1. The Discovery That May Change The World

Strange stories of the Kahunas (Keepers of the Secret). History of Polynesian magic. Arrival of the white man. Failure of white man's magic, and outlawing of Kahuna magic. Christianity versus Huna. Dr. William Tufts Brigham, curator of the Bishop Museum. Forty years of research by Dr. Brigham and its results. Three essentials to understanding Huna. The key to the Secret. Unihipili and uhane, subconscious and conscious. Experiences of William Reginald Stewart in Africa. The twelve tribes in Africa, linking with Polynesians through the Secret.

Chapter 2. Fire-Walking as an Introduction to Magic

Huna is a workable system of magic. Religious beliefs have nothing to do with workability of Huna. Proof that magic is a fact:

Case 1. Dr. Brigham walks on red-hot lava. Case 2. Stage magician used genuine magic. Case 3. Dr. John H. Hill, Prof. of Biblical History of U.S.C. reports fire-walking. Case 4. Fire-walking in Burma. Case 5. Fire-walking of the Igorots. Case 6. Japanese fire magic cures arthritis. Fire immunity through magic.

Chapter 3. The Incredible Force used in Magic, Where it Comes from, and Some of its Uses

The Secret, Huna, is applied psychology. All religions are mixed with magic. Human mind and its limitations. Levels above and below the conscious. Aumakua, the Super Mind or Guardian Angel. Aumakua of dual sex. Prayers to whom? Basic nature of magic. Mana – vital force or electricity/magnetism. Case 7. The three invisibles behind magic – consciousness, force, invisible matter. Psychic phenomena cases. Force used to move objects. Motricity and its source – Dr. Nandor Fodor. Charging objects with vital force. Magnetism – The Mysterious Cobbler-Baron Ferson – D. D. Home – Dr. Hereward Carrington. Storing vital force. Vital force in healing-laying on of hands. Mesmer and "animal magnetism." Vital force in hypnotism.

Chapter 4. The Two Souls of Man and the Proofs That There Are Two Instead of One

Christian concept of one spirit in man. Huna concept of two spirits, conscious and subconscious, dwelling in the body, called unihipili and uhane. Functions and abilities of unihipili and uhane. Case 8. Vital force in kahuna "Death Prayer" as related to two spirits in man. Cases to show fear plays no part in "Death Prayer." Vital force (mana) has three strengths.

Chapter 5. The Kahuna System and the Three "Souls" or Spirits of Man, Each Using Its Own Voltage of Vital Force. These Spirits in Union and in Separation

Importance of concept of third spirit of man (aumakua). In religion, God a triplicity, in Huna, man a triplicity. Kinds of ghosts listed according to kahuna lore. Case 9. Multiple personality. Case 10. Gen. Lee's mother. Case 11. Two girls in one body. "Realization" is super logical. Schizophrenia and insanity. Separation of conscious and subconscious.

Chapter 6. Taking the Measure of the Third Element in Magic, That of the Invisible Substance Through Which Consciousness Acts by Means of Force

Three invisible ghost bodies of man. Hawaiian term kino aka, shadowy body (also halo). Greek and Egyptian concepts. The "True Light," secret psychology of Huna, especially regarding superconscious. Indian lore of pranic energy. Shadowy body threads adhere. Flow of vital force on threads. Thoughts have shadowy bodies. Thought forms. Telepathy.

Chapter 7. Psychometry, Crystal Gazing, Visions of the Past, Visions of the Future, Etc., Explained by the Ancient Lore of the Kahunas

Case 12. Psychometry and crystal gazing. Ten elements of man in kahuna psychology. Simplified terms for the ten elements. Corresponding terms in Hawaiian.

Chapter 8. Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, Vision, Prevision, Crystal Gazing, and All of the Psychometrically Related Phenomena, as Explained in Terms of the Ten Elements of the Ancient Huna System

Case 13. Mind reading. Low self activates aka thread bearing tiny part of sensory organs, observes subject, duplicates thoughts, sends them back on flow of vital force to mind-reader. Modern proof of vital force used in process of thinking. Case 14. Telepathy. "Cocoanut radio." Natives use telepathy in Africa. Dr. Rhine's experiments. Case 15. Crystal gazing and its significance.

Chapter 9. The Significance of Seeing into the Future in the Psychometric Phenomena and in Dreams

Problem of Free Will and Premonition. Kahuna explanation. Premonition comes from High Self by way of the low self to conscious mind. Making of the future. Dreams the open door to premonition.

Chapter 10. The Easy Way to Dream into the Future

Case 16. An Experiment with Time, J. W. Dunn. Case 17. Foreknowledge in ordinary dreaming. Case 18. Seeing the future through crystal gazing. Case 19. Premonitory information through spirits of the dead. Kahuna doctrine: No hurt to others.

Chapter 11. Instant Healing Through the High Self. The Proofs and Methods

Shrine at Lourdes. Case 20. Kahuna heals broken bone instantly. Work of High Self, high voltage of vital force, tissues of body and its aka body. Complex or fixation of ideas, "thing eating inside," hinders. Low self impressed by tangible things. Case 21. Proof through apports.

Chapter 12. Raising the Dead, Permanently and Temporarily

Case 22. Kahuna raises the dead before Dr. Brigham.
Case 23. Raising the dead temporarily. Full materialization. (A) Mass materialization in Hawaii. (B) Bishop materializes after four hundred years of death. (C) Yolande. (D) Animal materializations. (E) Partial materializations of the living. (F) Changes in size in materialization. (G) Materialized clothing. (H) The "Little People."

Chapter 13. The Life-Giving Secrets of Lomilomi and Laying on of Hands

Case 24. Lomilomi. Three steps necessary to heal. Vital force responds to commands of consciousness. Action of consciousness upon force to create matter. Suggestion and vital force in healing. Suggestion and laying on of hands. Physical stimulus. Absent treatment. Lomilomi and the medical field.

Chapter 14. Startling New and Different Ideas from the Kahunas Concerning the Nature of the Complex and Healing

Complexes shared by low and middle self. Complexes and the emotions. "Sin" complex, punishment demanded by low self. Case 25. Kahunas treat illness caused by dual and single complexes. "Translation" of complexes.

Chapter 15. The Secret Kahuna Method of Treating the Complex

Implanting of strong thought forms in low self. Acceptance of thought form by low self determines effectiveness. Secret of removing a complex. Large charge of vital force. Case 26. Physical reaction to suggestion. Healing of contagious diseases and cancer.

Chapter 16. How the Kahunas Fought the Horrid Things of Darkness

Primitives and the dark things, occultists and "black magic," mental healers and "malicious animal magnetism." Huna understanding of life "over there." Importance to the here-living of knowing conditions of there-living. Case 27. Spirit attacks. Obsession by low selves, by middle selves, by low and middle selves. Shock methods. Kahuna methods of treatment.

Chapter 17. The Secret Within the Secret

Man a triune being. Symbol of triangle. The "Fall." Remnants of Kahunaism in Christianity. Reincarnation and the Lords of Karma. Low self the "conscience." Only middle self can sin. Blocking the Path. Dogmas, offerings, rituals, salvations in religions. Huna a science and not a religion. "Take-withable" knowledge. Practicability of Huna.

Chapter 18. The Secret which Enabled the Kahunas to Perform the Miracle of Instant Healing

Discoveries of Mesmer and Freud. Phineas Quimby and Christian Science. New Thought. Theosophy. Mormonism. Oahspe. Huna light on Faith. Case 28. Instant healing without benefit of priest or kahuna. The elevator man. If one cannot get rid of sin complexes, he must bow to them.

Chapter 19. The Magic of Rebuilding the Unwanted Future

Healing of financial and social ills. Case 29. Author's personal experience. Explanation: Free will to act alone or ask for help. Future can be changed.

Chapter 20. The High Self and the Healing in Psychic Science

Psychic diagnosis. Spirits appear as visions to cause miraculous healing. Healings at shrines. Ectoplasm. High Self may bring healing if not directly asked.

Chapter 21. How the Kahunas Controlled Winds, Weather and the Sharks by Magic

Apprenticeship of High Self as guardian over lower creation. Case 30. White man controls winds. Case 31. Control of sharks and turtles. Kahuna training of children. "Introduction" or thread-connecting between kahunas and High Selves presiding over lower forms of life.

Chapter 22. The Practical Use of the Magic of the Miracle

Helps for individuals working alone. Group work. Central organization for reports needed. Effect of Huna on world social structures.


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