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Jon of Arc hearing voices

Freedom From Harmful Voices

by Vernon Howard

Vernon Howard

Vernon Howard (1918-1992)

Harmful Voices:

Whether a person is aware of it or not, he is assaulted constantly by misleading and hostile voices within the mind. They speak both through you and to you. Everyone is their target, but because of their extreme cunning, few people ever detect and dismiss them. So the only problem is a lack of information about these foreign voices. The curing facts are as close as your desire for them.

It is extremely important for you to remember the following truth: these hurtful voices ARE NOT you, and they do not belong to you, but merely speak through your psychic system. Don't take them as being your own voices, any more than you take radio voices as being your own. They simply USE unaware human beings. Your true nature has nothing to do with them. When finally dismissing these sinister speakers you make room for spiritual health and true life.

The following is only a partial list of sayings from this series; see the Secrets of Life Archive for more: Search on Freedom From Harmful Voices

Refuse the voice that tempts you to accuse before you think, for that releases self-healing and self-harmony.
Already won
Truth has already won the battle against these sinister speakers, which becomes your victory as you join Truth.
One of the most dangerous voices of all is the one that tells you that anger is good and protective.
They assure you that your friends would not do that to you, and when you believe it, your friends do that to you.
They are fiercely eager to supply reasons why you should attack anyone who tells you about the higher life.
If they can confuse someone into thinking that a belief is the same as a fact they have him where they want him.
You are never really betrayed by other people but only by voices that urge you to trust deceitful people.
Millions love the voice which blames others for their griefs, which is why millions continue to suffer.
They love to get someone engaged in ego-competition, knowing that the fight will be followed by fear and depression.
Conquered by
Remember that thought-voices are utterly wild, having no self-control, but are conquered by your higher spirit.
They exist to harm you only with your unconscious cooperation, so withdraw your cooperation at once.
Defeated people
When you see and hear defeated people during your day the voices demand that you also feel like a loser.
A depressed voice will try to make your feelings follow it down into sadness and defeat, but alertness prevents this.
They urge you to be a winner in life, but don't reveal that they mean an ego-win by which they can continue to use you.
Fallen leaves
They place doubts about yourself along the path, but you need only walk past them as if they are fallen leaves.
False positions
Defending false positions is a major cause of human agony, so no longer let the swindling speakers do this through you.
False sympathy
One voice drains a person's energy by forcing him to speak sympathetic words he does not mean.
Stop the voice which talks you into doing favors for others which cost you money and time and regret.
Free life
The faint voice urging you to live your own free life is trying to make itself heard above the mob voices.
Any voice that justifies hatred and tries to explain it away is dedicated to causing misery and destruction everywhere.
Hiding place
Worried when someone approaches their hiding place, they howl out a distraction, like lying that true life is a dull life.
Painful indecision and mind-changing is simply one wrong voice demanding to heard, followed by the next and the next.
Inner conflict
To create inner conflict they demand obedience to a certain moral or religious code, then tell you to hate it.
Practice at catching a thought-voice that threatens you with a loss of any kind, then refuse to fear its message.
Their power is fixed and mechanical, so you can leave them as easily as you walk away from a noisy cement mixer.
Mental movies
Insisting that you are too stupid to learn, they add torment by running mental movies through your mind of past follies.
Mental pain
Mental pain occurs when personal fantasy collides with spiritual fact, but the voices don't want you see this.
Mistake again
One voice promises that you will not repeat a mistake, then slyly leads you into making the same mistake again.
Never again obey
You need never again obey a voice that orders you to feel lost and helpless in life.
Never tolerate
Never tolerate any voice that laughs at you after an embarrassing incident, but start life over at each new moment.
A favorite torment is to force pointless repetitions through the mind, such as the words of a popular song.
Quick thrills
They are loud in praising quick thrills, such as angry replies, hoping you will listen, obey and pay in suffering.
They stir up rage in citizens by reminding them of the weakness and stupidity of people in power.
Each refusal to fear the threat of a blackmailing speaker makes the next voice weaker.
Hear and recognize the false voice that laughs with contempt toward you when you are rejected by someone.
Restful sleep
At bedtime, recognize the chattering voices that try to rob you of restful sleep.
A cunningly dangerous voice is one that urges a man to take revenge, then supplies him with evil justifications.
One speaker says it is safe to reveal your personal secrets to others, then laughs and leaves you to their treachery.
They warn that self-change is dangerous, and hope that you don't see that listening to them is the danger.
When a man is wrong they command him to insist that he is right, which keeps the man a tragic slave.
Sneering disbelief
If you ever hear anyone sneering in disbelief at the existence of hateful voices, you are hearing a sneering, hateful voice.
Social improvement
No human system for social improvement will ever work as long as people refuse to investigate and remove false voices.
Stormy likes
One way they assault someone is to talk him into stormy likes and dislikes, which destroy clear thinking.
Task at hand
The voices try to distract you from the present task at hand, which is the cause of inefficiency and accidents.
They show contempt for weakness and indecision in someone, which they take as an invitation to attack and hurt.

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