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Vernon Howard

Goodness is Intelligence

Goodness is intelligence. Intelligence is goodness. The more you are truly virtuous in a spiritual way, the more intelligent you are in a spiritual way. Intelligence and goodness go together. They're like two oars that you're rowing the boat of your life with, so that you can sense and see the harbor and row toward it. You are in conscious command, conscious command of where you're going, which is toward the true harbor.

Otherwise, and you consider this now, be very reflective inwardly, otherwise, if you don't have the two oars of goodness and intelligence, the boat is going to be taken over. You don't have charge of it; someone else will have charge of it. And what will have command of your life will be the underground currents.

I'm talking about the subconscious parts of you. They don't care where they take you. The currents themselves have no intelligence and goodness, psychologically speaking. They'll take and send adrift anyone who is not guided by being above the currents, by being a good person, a nice person, a decent person, an intelligent person. Now already you have a lot to think about.

Quote of the Day, Feb 23, 2017

From a talk given 2/15/1992
Vernon Howard's Higher World
(MP3 CD Volume 33, talk 816, track 12)

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