Vernon Howard


Vernon Howard

Satan's Sinister Secrets Exposed

Talk by Vernon Howard, September 15, 1985 part of a series

One day his infernal majesty, Satan, was working busily around his heated office and an idea came to him. He thought of a certain malicious procedure that he had been using successfully for thousands of years in destroying mankind, and he thought that he would give it another try. He has ten thousand tricks and he varies them from time to time depending on where he wants to destroy, for example. And he thought of the following: first of all, he thought that the masses of humanity are masses of criminals. The masses of humanity are masses of criminals posing as respectable and responsible human beings. He knows that. He understands that. He knows the trick that succeeded with him telling people to behave that way, and they obeyed. He also knew something else and thought about it. He remembered the great key to power and popularity on earth. And he had tried that many times before with overwhelming success. And here's what he knew.

The way for his agents – destructive agents – to become powerful and elected and in power over human affairs was to have his agents tell the masses of humanity that they can have anything they want and no one is going to question them as long as they justify their greed. You can have anything you want in this world – this is what his agents tell people – and it's all right because you want to have it.

In fact, you'll become a hero if you give speeches and you write books and tell people – which he finally did – I'll tell you what he did physically first. He went to the wardrobe department. He decided to carry out this assignment that he had given to himself all by himself. He went to the wardrobe department where he had thousands of costumes. And he got the right one. Publicity men know what the right one is. Advertising people know, and you know. Something that looks good. He got the right suit, the right clothing, the right head of hair. He can change himself any way he wants, because he can invade any human body he wants and use that human being. It looks good.

So he took over a human body, which is the same as taking on a costume. And he went up to earth and he hired a big hall. Eighty thousand people in the hall. And he gave his talk. And he said, in rousing voice before all these human beings, all these low-level human beings. He said – he started off – oh, it always works. Listen to what I'm going to say, and you'll respond. You'll know that it's true. He started off by saying, "You are the persecuted. You are the under privileged. You have not been given your rightful rewards that you so righteously deserve." On and on in that manner.

And of course, human beings, being so sick and low-level, they responded to it. Every few minutes they would shout out their approval with applause. And he knew that he was doing very well. He always knows he is going to do very well when offering evil to evil people. They'll accept it. They'll go for it. And they'll reward you for it.

Now, all the time that Satan was giving his talk, his rousing speech, something else was happening in another part of the world. What was happening was that two friends of yours were on routine patrol flying around the world. The veteran angel and the apprentice angel. And while they were flying around, their two way wrist radio went off again. And a report came from heavenly headquarters. "Emergency, emergency. Fly to so and so place. So and so hall, and find out what's happening down there. We've got to counter the work of Satan who has taken on the responsibility for this particular destruction – taken personal responsibility for it. Emergency."

The two angels fluttered furiously their wings and finally went inside the hall. And they sat down and they listened and noticed the – noticed how human beings, especially apparent on the outside, that they go insane when they're together. All alone, a lunatic sitting at home, might not show it physically. But when you get eighty thousand lunatics together, they all influence each other to be the beasts that they actually are. And they observe that. And they in their minds were listening to what Satan was saying. And he summarized it. And he summarized it in their own mind which is simply that you can demand anything you want in this world, and it is owed to you because you want it and because you are the good people.

Now, if anyone denies you what you want, you have a right to attack, to rob, and even to destroy. Why? "Because I say so and I'm an authority, and I care for you, and I'm telling you the truth." They'll fall for it every time. Ever fall for it? Has anyone ever lied to you and told you it's good, it's just? You have a right to hurt someone else. And you fell for it. You know better.

The angels continued to listen and make notes. You see, they're also reporters for the Angelic Weekly. They were going to put their findings in the paper, which they later did.

Finally, Satan finished his pernicious propaganda with arousing appeal to action. "Go out and takeover the world. Remember, you are never wrong. You are always right. You are always moral, you are always just." And the people who refuse to give you what you want, they are the enemy. The enemy which you have a right to destroy if you want."

Oh, talk about a thunderous ovation, he got it. Standing up, running down the aisles toward him applauding and screaming, screaming their worshipful shouts.

The meeting started to dissolve. It was over. Satan was secretly congratulating himself on his scoring. You know, you think it's hard. It isn't. It's easy to do that. He does it all – what I just described to you, Satan is doing it right now while I'm talking to you in hundreds of thousands of places around earth. And they're all going out of there with the outward appearance of being good, being religious, being righteous, and underneath they are ravening wolves.

As the mad mob started to exit, two angels, veteran and apprentice, had a little talk with each other. And one said to the other, there are eighty thousand people here. I would estimate. And the other said, "About that." And they went back and forth and one said, "Did you see anyone worth saving?" And the other said. "Two." One man and one woman." And one of them explained to the other who was doing most of the talking, he said, "One of them was a wife. One of the people worth saving was a woman. A wife, who really didn't want to be here but her brutal husband wanted her to come and so as not to be punished by him, she came to the meeting. She's worth saving. She's got something right."

And the other one was an employee who had come because his employer had asked him to come. The greedy employer thought if he made all his employers come in some way he would increase his profits. You have a right to that sale and on and on. That sort of thing.

Now, the antidote – the angels knew what their work was to do. Remember, we have problem and solution here? Everyone saw the problem. The heavenly angels saw the problem and now for the solution. See, you are told to do evil, and who gets excited by the fact of doing evil and getting paid for it? The false sense of self. The wrong nature, the sick low-level spirit of wrongness inside of us.

And so the angels sent messages to the two who were worthy of being saved and gave them an exercise. See, they didn't know that they were getting it. But then I'll tell you how they transmitted it to them in a minute. But he told them to practice the "I am not" exercise. Which I now tell you about.

Subtlety, he sent the message to them saying, "I am not my plans, I am not my physical body, I am not my thoughts, I'm not my moods, I'm not my feelings." That is an antidote because you can pull yourself out of yourself then there's nothing there to be tempted. Your plans for this or that don't go right, what is that to you since you're not your plans, you are something else. This is very important for you to get down and practice yourself.

If you are not even your own sorrow, your own pain, why are you bothering with being sorrowful or painful? Why? You enter into it with great enthusiasm, because you want to be what you call you, which you are not.

"I am not this, I am not that," will lead you finally to who you are, which will make you speechless and also put you in wonder. Speechless means thought has come to an end about it. There's no one to think about and you become speechless. You become silent. And you become filled with real awe in the wonderment of what has happened to you. Now you know that there's a creator. Something has been created in you which existed all the time, by the way, but has been created in you for the first time because you, over the years, perhaps said, "I am not that, I am not my shame, I'm not anything that I can think about or feel or talk about or possess or give away or hide from. I am not anything at all that I previously thought I was." Now there's the vacant space.

By the way, I'll have to tell you how the angels were able to transmit the antidote – these proper spiritual instructions to the two out of eighty thousand who were worthy to be saved. They had invisible collars put around these two people, you might say. They watched – the angels watched animal shows, if you know what I'm getting at. (Laughter.) And they were invisible. They didn't hurt. And they were awfully lightweight. And they sent them with their bleepers. You know the bleeper system. You watch animal shows. You'll know what I'm talking about.

But anyway, they put them around there. And you had better make – put in one request for one yourself so that you are in contact with heavenly instructions all the time. The yoke is easy. The transmission will come to you all the time from the higher source. And if you have been tempted by something, if you have been walloped around by yourself and you want to hear – see the beauty of hearing?

If you want to hear, you will hear.

So they went – the one man, one woman, and they went their way to be saved finally and after all.

Well, Satan, is very insecure. Do you realize that evil is insecure? How many of you know evil people? Look at them. How many of you know – you've got some wrong things inside of you. The wrongness inside of you is the same thing. That's the shakiness is going on inside of you. The very same thing. Satan went on back and because he is always scared, and he doesn't want you to know that, another little side thought – evil is always scared and doesn't want you to know it. I want you to know it. That's called calling the bluff consciously. Where they wither away and the animals slink back into the darkness.

Anyway, Satan went back down to hell. And, you see, human beings do not possess any kind of maturity unless they possess spiritual maturity. All so-called dignified and mature human beings are little kids, including Satan. And do you know what he did when he got back down to hell? Started bragging. He had to talk to someone about his successes and convince them about what he had done. He started bragging. Felt great. All those people. Those people were already destroyed, by the way. Already D.B.R.'s, damaged beyond repair. And while he was bragging around, boasting of the great score that he had made upstairs, a messenger came frantically, falling down and told him what had happened, that their observations proved that two had escaped.

See, Satan went into a rageful insanity over that. Let me explain a deep spiritual psychological point. Satan is not satisfied with almost everyone. Because if there is one or two out of eighty thousand that escape every lying blast of his, they are evidence to him of his own actual nothingness. He has to try to win one hundred percent. And if any escape his clutches, right in front of him is the evidence that there is a God. That there is a God besides him. If there is a God besides him, then he is no God at all, and he knows it. This accounts for everything mad and crazy and senseless that goes on in this world.

What goes on in this world? Wars, depressions, riots, people at each other's throats all the time. He wants it that way. The devil wants it – and all his cohorts want it and must keep it that way. So that people are satisfied with that. So that that's something to do. To be afraid of the next depression or the next inflation. "Thank Satan, I have something to do with myself. I have the supreme distraction where I don't have to think about the fact that I am really very empty and lost."

I'm going to tell you something. Out there there are two people, one man and one woman, who are ready. But even those two have to do something. I'm going into a very fine fact. Those two – and I'm talking about you – you have to abandon all and follow truth. Some morning, someone from local or far away is going to have to sit down in their car and shake and tremble and hate being where they are. But they're going to have to get out of that car and close the door and feel as if they're about to walk into hell and destruction. And they're going to have to go against that and follow the one little one in eighty thousand right feelings, one in eighty thousand right feelings. They're going to have to say yes to that. And they're going to have to go inside the door and sit down – usually as far away as they can from the front – and just sit there and do nothing but be attentive.

I am talking to you. Oh, you think you are different because you came in here? You're not. Wrong motives took a lot of you in here. What do you want – what do you want from this class outside of your personal deliverance and rescue? What do you want? You had better find out. Internally, you may be still seated out in that car. And a lot of people who have come in here have sat in their car for a long time. And then they turned the key and started the motor and put the car in gear and they went away. Where are you now? Are you driving in your car ten thousand miles away from here? Or are you here in this room?

I don't want – not one – of Satan's sinister schemes to work for you. This is the time of exposure to a degree – there's no way you can understand, but I understand it. I know how you are holding back. I know how you want words. When are you going to sacrifice your phony life for what is real? That's what I'm challenging you about. That's what I'm asking you.

See, I'll tell you what you want. You hold back. You won't give yourself to God unreservedly. You'll do something else. You want someone to be strong for you. Someone to be strong for you, and he can't even be strong for himself. Who is it? You want to believe in your delusion that there exists such a thing as strength and security outside of God. Forget it. And you are going to look around and you're going to kid yourself.

Oh, you've got that husband, and he makes decisions in financial matters, and you think he is strong. You've got the wife. And she satisfies certain needs you have in company or sex. You've got that. Don't you understand what you're doing? You are seeking false strength, false comfort, false security, and you don't – you don't want to look and see that there is something so much higher than what you can see with your eyes. The woman, the man, the home, the ambitious project that you have in mind. Abandon all hope of strength of your own inventions and imaginations. That's what's called the dissolution of delusion. Unless you do that, you will not be saved.

Will you internally agree with what I'm going to tell you? It's important that you do. And I'm trying to make this a conscious act on your part, and I want you to make it so. I want you to say to yourself, "Presently I am not rescued at all and have no idea of what it means."

Just know, simply and without anxiety, who said you had to be anxious over anxiety? You do. You're anxious, worried, and you get worried over your worried thoughts, which is simply one false thought following another. And you don't see the trick. We're performing an exorcism right now. Oh, how nice that it's not dramatic. (Laughter.) Oh, how nice that you are not the spectator to the exorcism of another person in a book or a movie or in a meeting. You are seated here now taking part in your own exorcism. Never mind the spectacles and the shows, they will entertain you, you can be deceived by them, but I am telling you that the only right exorcism for you is the one for you.

Again, forget the dramatics, and we're going to do it right now. You see, right now, as you are seated there, and I'm seated here, right now all is fine. All is well with heaven. Invite it down. Let it filter down and get through the blocks. I didn't say blockhead. (Laughter.) The cement. And don't allow fear of what is happening to you in this exorcism – that is going on right now and proceeding beautifully and effectively. Don't allow your fear of what's going to happen to you to become a block. Because that's one of Satan's sinister secrets and schemes which he will try to insert into your mind to keep you resistant.

At this moment there is no need to be afraid of anything that is happening to you because you are in a right place, and I want you to match that with a right spirit. Right spirit, right place. That means the teachings, the inspirations from heaven come down, and you want what they are instead of what you are. There is the fusion. There is the meeting. There is the oneness. And in that, you will be as relaxed as reality is itself.

And you will know, and you can know, even while I'm talking to you, what it means to have simply gone ahead in spite of your fear to ask God to be on your side so that you amazingly know what it means to not have a life of your own anymore, no personality of your own, no mind of your own, no desires, no ways of your own. You know what it means to not have a life of your own anymore because you have the life of heaven itself.

The time nature has vanished. The time thinking, the time desperation, is not in operation anymore. The time self has disappeared, and in its place is a seeing, a knowing, an awareness, a light which can use the physical body rightly. Which can see other people in the room right now, be aware that they're next to you, and you'll be talking with them at the break, and tomorrow, wherever you go in the world, you will know that there is a physical world out there, and while you have a physical body, too, you are not part of the mad psychology that has taken over and is ruining mankind.

Oh, I tell you, you will know – you understand there can't be any vanity in it! Any pride over it! That means it's false. You will simply understand very quietly, very easily without working at it, you are apart from the teeming masses of insane men and women.

And do you know that you can remember – you can remember that you used to be one of them? Sure. Sure. You used to run with the wolves, didn't you? You understand that. What has happened? I'll tell you what's happened. You've done your spiritual work in the right order. There are orders, of procedures. First of all, you are unknowingly running with a pack of ravenous wolves. You didn't know it. Then you came to New Life Foundation, and after fighting for a long time, you finally knew it. You thought you were a good person when you came in here. Oh, what a shock new people are in for. (Laughter.) Now you know you are a part of the pack of wolves. And when you know that, you know that human wolves and vampires and all the other assorted sickos, you know that they are miserable because you now know that you are miserable. Unless you find that out, you'll never be saved. If you are finding it out, you will rescue yourself.

The next stage – "Oh, oh, thank God it is really quite easy. How easy it is to drop a hot potato." You understand? How easy it is when you become conscious of your hot fiery hellish nature to give it up. All you do is realize you're in hell and look around for the nearest exit sign and start running fast. And start climbing. Then, then when you're in the higher place, there's nothing to think about except practical daily affairs. There's no competition with anyone anymore. And thank God, in your mind, you will say to yourself, "I no longer have to rip myself apart trying to prove that I am right and truth is wrong." You know very well you'll never succeed, never have succeeded in doing that.

When you are right, that means just one thing: you are attuned to, in the company of, truth itself, which is the only rightness. Take a look at your present self-righteousness and see the folly of it. The foolishness of it. It's a hot potato. Drop it. In its place, your hands and your life will be filled with something beyond imagination, beyond belief, beyond all thought. And that becomes your – that becomes your whole – whole entire life now and evermore.

Take a break.

We have a lot of good things after the break. Don't leave at the break.

Don't let anything – anything – any human, any circumstance and anything inside of you make you forget what you have heard over this weekend. Your task now is to want to remember. If you want to remember truth and all its health giving benefits – if you want to, that means your heart is right, and you will remember. Want to remember. And truth itself will help you to remember itself, and you win from it. That means to just be relaxed, and every day get a little bit of new exorcism so that you become guided by and inspired by truth and by God himself. Remember what you must remember.

Good morning.

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