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Mind Parasites - Fact or Fiction?

Lecture by Alan Fitzpatrick

(Poster for a lecture by Alan Fitzpatrick in Los Angeles, 1976.)

For centuries men have looked upon their fellows and attempted to find reason for the mystery of madness that afflicts the human mind.

And throughout the ages, a few have alluded to the existence of psychic thought-forms and entities of other mental dimensions that intrude upon the human consciousness, and are the source of our inner conflicts.

This investigative study will endeavor to discuss the current theories and historical evidence surrounding what are known as entities, familiars, spirits, and poltergeist phenomena.

Tuesday, June 1, 1976
Hollywood Public Library, 1623 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles

Parasites poster

Alan Fitzpatrick is the author of The Sex Connection, A Study of Desire, Seduction and Compulsion. Information is available Here.

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