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252 AA Slogans

From an internet message board

1. easy does it

2. first things first

3. live and let live

4. but for the grace of God

5. think ... think ... think ...

6. one day at time

7. let go and let God

8. kiss---keep it simple stupid

9. act as if ....

10. this too shall pass

11. expect miracles

12. i can't .... he can .... i think i'll let him (steps 1,2,3)

13. if it works .... don't fix it

14. keep coming back .... it works if you work it

15. stick with the winners

16. keep right size

17. sobriety is a journey .... not a destination

18. faith without works is dead

19. poor me... poor me... pour me another drink

20. to thine own self be true

21. I came; I came to; I came to believe (steps 1,2,3)

22. live in the NOW

23. if God seems far away, who moved ?

24. turn it over

25. AA = altered attitudes

26. nothing is so bad, a drink won't make it worse

27. we are only as sick as our secrets

28. there are no coincidences in AA

29. be part of the solution,not the problem

30. sponsors: have one ... use one ... be one

31. I can't handle it God; you take over

32. keep an open mind

33. it works ... it really does ! (page 88,line 8 in the big book)

34. willingness is the key

35. more will be revealed

36. you will intuitively know

37. you will be amazed

38. no pain .... no gain

39. go for it

40. keep the plug in the jug

41. do it sober

42. let it begin with me

43. just for today

44. sober 'n' crazy

45. pass it on

46. it's in the book

47. you either is .... or you ain't

48. before you say i can't .... say i'll try

49. don't quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens

50. some of us are sicker than others

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51. we're all here because we're not all there

52. alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer

53. practice an attitude of gratitude

54. the road to sobriety is a simple journey for confused people with a complicated disease

55. another friend of bill w.'s

56. God is never late

57. have a good day unless of course you have made other plans

58. decisions aren't forever

59. it takes time

60. 90 meetings in 90 days .... 90/90

61. you are not alone

62. where you go .... there you are

63. don't drink, read the big book, and go to meetings

64. use the 24-hour plan

65. make use of the telephone therapy

66. stay sober for yourself

67. look for similarities rather than differences

68. remember your last drunk

69. remember that alcoholism is incurable, progressive, and fatal

70. try not place conditions on your sobriety

71. when all else fails, follow directions

72. count your blessings

73. share your happiness

74. respect the anonymity of others

75. share your pain

76. let go of old ideas

77. try to replace guilt with gratitude

78. what goes around, comes around

79. change is a process, not an event

80. take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth

81. call your sponsor before, not after, you take the first drink

82. sick and tired of being sick and tired

83. it's the first drink that gets you drunk

84. to keep it, you have to give it away

85. man's extremity is God's opportunity

86. the price for serenity and sanity is self-sacrifice

87. one alcoholic talking to another .... one equals one

88. take what you can use and leave the rest

89. what if ....

90. yeah but ....

91. if only ....

92. help is only a phone call away

93. around AA or in AA ?

94. you can't give away what you don't have

95. one drink is too many and thousand not enough

96. keep coming back: kcb

97. anger is but one letter away from danger

98. courage to change

99. easy does it, but do it

100. bring the body and the mind will follow

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101. accept your admission

102. remember when ....

103. dry and tighten up (financially)

104. we AAs are 'gifted' people

105. there are 12 steps in the ladder of complete sobriety

106. fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed

107. before engaging your mouth, put your mind in gear!

108. i want what i want when i want it

109. there is no chemical solution to a spiritual problem

110. AA is not something you join, it's a way of life

111. we can be positive that our drinking was negative

112. spirituality is the ability to get our minds off ourselves

113. faith is spelled .... a-c-t-i-o-n

114. backsliding begins when knee-bending stops

115. if i think, i won't drink. if i drink, i can't think

116. bend your knees before you bend your elbow

117. the first step in overcoming mistakes is to admit them

118. formula for failure: try to please everyone

119. sorrow is looking back, worry is looking around

120. willpower = our will-ingness to use a higher power

121. AA is an education without graduation

122. when your head begins to swell your mind stops growing

123. a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step

124. God = good orderly direction

125. be as enthusiastic about AA as you were about your drinking

126. you received without cost,now give without charge

127. humility is our acceptance of ourselves

128. trying to pray is praying

129. get it .... give it .... grow in it

130. faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation

131. we're responsible for the effort not the outcome

132. this is a selfish program

133. ego = edge God out

134. keep your sobriety first to make it last

135. i drank: too much .... too often .... too long

136. AA will work if you want it to work

137. minds are like parachutes .... they won't work unless they're open

138. what you hear and see here, stays here

139. alcoholism is the only disease that tells you you're all right

140. if you turn it over and don't let go of it,you will be upside down.

141. an AA meeting is where losers get together to talk about their winnings

142. AA is a school in which we are all learners and all teachers

143. God taught us to laugh again but God please don't let us forget that we once cried

144. serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm

145. AA may not solve all your problems but it is willing to share them

146. it isn't the load that weighs us down .... it's the way we carry it

147. principles before personalities

148. when you do all the talking you only learn what you already know

149. the 7 t's .... take time to think the thing through

150. there are none too dumb for the AA program but many are too smart

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151. we all have another drunk left in us but we don't know if we have another recovery in us

152. to be forgiven we must forgive

153. when we surrender to our higher power, the journey begins

154. the person with the most sobriety at a meeting is the one who got up earliest that morning

155. knowledge of "the answers" never made anyone slip---it was failing to practice "the answers" known

156. h.a.l.t. = don't get too hungry (h) or too angry (a) or too lonely (l) or too tired (t)

157. fear stands for Frustration, Ego, Anxiety, Resentment

158. the 12 steps tell us how it works; the 12 traditions tell us why it works

159. AA won't keep you from going to hell, nor is it a ticket to heaven, but it will keep you sober long enough to make up your mind about which way you want to go!

160. if faith without works is dead; then willingness without action is fantasy

161. when a person tries to control their drinking they have already lost control

162. the task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

163. seven days without an AA meeting makes one WEAK

164. you are not required to like it, you're only required to DO IT

165. when wallowing in your self-pity .... get off the cross, we need the wood

166. we in AA don't carry the alcoholic; we carry the message

167. the results are in God's hand

168. we are not human beings having spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings having human experiences

169. remember nothing is going to happen today that you and God can't handle

170. when man listens, God speaks; when man obeys, God works

171. don't watch the "slippers" but watch those who don't slip closely and watch them go through difficulties and pull through

172. the 3 t's of gratitude to repay AA for our sobriety: our time, our talent, our treasure

173. it's a pity we can't forget our troubles the same way we forget our blessings

174. be careful what you pray for; you're liable to get it

175. the time to attend a meeting is when you least feel like going

176. work the program from the waist up

177. AA is the highest priced club in the world; if you have paid the dues, why not enjoy the benefits ?

178. the first step is the only step a person can work perfectly

179. the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you

180. your big book is your sponsor too

181. AA never opened the gates of heaven to let me in, AA did open the gates of hell to let me out

182. the only thing we take from this world when we leave is what we gave away

183. time wasted in getting even can never be used in getting ahead

184. some people are so successful in AA that they turn out to be almost as good as they used to think they were when they were drinking

185. sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised

186. possibilities and miracles are one in the same

187. get out of the driver's seat .... let go and let God

188. how = honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness

189. danger sign: when your eyes have wandered from the alcoholics who still suffers and needs help .... to the faults of those whom the program has already helped

190. first we stayed sober because we have to ....
then we stay sober because we are willing to ....
finally we stay sober because we want to ....

191. slogans are wisdom written in shorthand

192. active alcoholics don't have relationships; they take hostages

193. everyday is a gift that is why we call it the present

194. if you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere

195. every recovery from alcoholism began with one sober hour

196. each and every alcoholic, sober or not, teaches us some valuable lessons about ourselves and recovery

197. we had to quit playing God

198. don't compare, identify

199. don't intellectualize, utilize

200. RULE 62 .... don't take yourself so damn seriously!!

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201. AA has a wrench to fit every nut that walks through a meeting room door

202. living in the here and now

203. how does one become an "old-timer" ? don't drink and don't die!

204. AA spoils your drinking!!

205. faith is our greatest gift; its sharing with others our greatest responsibility

206. if you want to drink .... that is your business
if you want to quit .... that is AA's business

207. in a bar, we got sympathy - as long as our money lasted. in AA, we get understanding - for nothing!

208. even my worst day in sobriety is better than my best day drunk

209. the elevator is broken .... use the steps

210. let it begin with me

211. when all else fails, the directions are in the big book

212. trust God, clean house, help others

213. anonymity is so important it's half of our name

214. if we don't grow,we gotta go

215. all you need to start your own AA meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot!!

216. religion is for those who fear God; spirituality is for those who have been to hell and back

217. there are no atheists in foxholes

218. three suggestions for making an AA speech:

2.) Be BRIEF

219. when you are a sponsor, you get out of yourself. if i serve, i will be served

220. why recovery never ends: the disease is alcoholISm, not alcoholWASm!

221. the AA way of life is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions

222. the smartest thing an AA member can say is, "help me"

223. you are exactly where God wants you to be

224. God will never give you more than you can handle

225. slow but sure

226. in AA we say a "coincidence" is a miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous

227. it takes the good and bad AA meeting .... the good and bad AA talk .... to make this fellowship "work"

228. give time .... time

229. faith is a lighted doorway, but trust is a dark hall

230. the lesson i must learn is simply that my control is limited to my own behavior,my own attitudes

231. the AA paradoxes:

-- from weakness (adversity) comes strength
-- we forgive to be forgiven
-- we give it away to keep it
-- we suffer to get well
-- we surrender to win
-- we die to live
-- from darkness comes light
-- from dependence we found independence

232. AA works for people who believe in God
-- AA works for people who don't believe in God
-- AA NEVER works for people who believe they ARE God

233. just for today i will try to live through this day only,and not tackle my whole life problems at once. i can do something for 12 hours that would appall me if i felt that i had to keep it up for a LIFETIME

234. there are two days in every week which we have no control over .... yesterday and tomorrow. today is the only day we can change.

235. it is not the experience if today that drives people mad .... it is the remorse or bitterness for something which happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.

236. slippers in AA use the rdp .... revolving door policy

237. pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth

238. God has no grand kids

239. there is a God and i am not it

240. the road to disappointment (resentment) is paved with expectation

241. be nice to newcomers .... one day they may be your sponsor

242. denial is not a river in egypt !

243. guilt is the gift that keeps on giving

244. the flip side to forgiveness is resentments

245. there is no magic in recovery only miracles

246. fear is the absences of faith

247. courage is faith that has said its prayers

248. depression is anger toward inward

249. alcoholics heal from the outside in .... but feel from the inside out

250. 3 A's in AA

-- affection (thoughtfulness)
-- attention (listening)
-- appreciation (gratitude)

251. if it is meant to be .... i can't stop it
if it isn't God's will .... i can't make it happen

252. there are AA members who MAKE things happen
-- there are AA members who WATCH things happen
-- there are AA members who DON'T KNOW anything happened

Ain't sobriety great!!!???!!!

in the dumps .... feelin a little better today

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