Clara Llum


Clara Llum

If Buddha Gets In Your Way, Kill 'Em

DKR says most gurus are afraid of doing their jobs: to confront and piss off their students (so vasanas can be removed); they prefer followers

there's only one way to kill the buddha: over your core passion

I killed my buddha over my passion too

it takes many years to really settle on the buddha heart of the one you "killed" ~ there are no mistakes

there are a lot of contradicting feelings and irrational mind winds when you go through the killing stage; in due time all subsides

whatever the case, the "buddha" has to create the conditions and become a real asshole

thanks God it's all over and I am free from playing the part, the bird has flown ~ ah!

the stage director got me tied for too long, with all my winds involved, no breach outside my character

this business is not for sissies, and no money can pay it

why to kill the buddha? it's an effective way (sometimes the only one) to remove and uproot the strongest vasanas

first when confronted the vasanas kill the buddha, then the vasanas die under the penetrating eye of one's intensified awareness

the requirement is having been introduced to natural awareness before the confrontation takes place

the burden of the killing plus the awakened awareness, the yogi can't help but look into the motive: the vasanas - and see their empty nature

the burden of the killing arises from the bliss and light of the tested teachings, over a significant period of listening and practicing

this side from "killing the buddha": "I was already dead, ha ha hum"

enjoy your deal

-- Clara Llum


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