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Due to capacity constraints we had to move some large Magic files off this server. Some (not all) books are available at other websites as shown below.

To recommend other sources, please use the Contact form on this site: /contact/

(When doing web searches, watch out for fake download sites that require membership and request personal information.)

Online Books by Arthur Edward Waite

Full catalog at

Also see Waite's Hermetic Museum at Sacred-Texts.Com:

Other Sources

DarkBooks.Org Authors page:

Hermetics.Org Library: [broken link]

Hermetics.Org Magic Library: [broken link]

Books Removed

Arthur-E-Waite-Doctrine-and-Literature-of-the-Kabalah.pdf [47 megabytes]
Alternate source: Archive.Org, pick format at this page:

Arthur-E-Waite-Hermetic-and-Alchemical-Writings-of-Paracelsus-Vol-I.pdf (part 1, Hermetic Chemistry) [13 megabytes in the pdf]

Vol. 1 as a pdf (select from different formats at this page):

Same at Archive.Org, alternate link:

See exerpts in html at Sacred-Texts.Com

Entry for Volume 1 at Google Books

See entry at Hathitrust.Org for information (not text) Broken link:

Arthur-E-Waite-Hermetic-and-Alchemical-Writings-of-Paracelsus-Vol-II.pdf (part 2, Hermetic Medicine) [13 megabytes in the pdf]

Sorry, can't find Volume 2 as a PDF. For book info see entry at Google Books

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology
[Vol 1 (A-L, 954 pages) 8 megabytes]
[Vol 2 (M-Z, 989 pages) 9 megabytes]

Volume 1 and 2 both:
Download from this page at Paganspace.Net

Both volumes are also at Ursi's Eso Garden (Your Competent Esoteric Guide)
Search on the term Encyclopedia in the Search box at their home page:

Franz Hartmann

Franz-Hartmann-Paracelsus-and-the-Substance-of-His-Teachings.pdf [20 megabytes in the pdf]
Alternate source: Archive.Org, pick format at this page:

At Hermetics.Org, select link from this page: [broken link]

Franz-Hartmann-The-Life-and-Doctrines-of-Jacob-Boehme.pdf [21 megabytes in the pdf]
Online version at Sacred-Texts.Com in html:

Archive.Org, select format from this page:


Eliphas-Levi-History-of-Magic-scan.pdf [48 megabytes in the pdf] Archive.Org, select format from this page

Karl-Von-Eckartshausen-Magic-The-Principles-of-Higher-Knowledge.pdf [48 megabytes in the pdf] Scribd.Com, download from this page:


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