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Torkom Saraydarian

In esoteric literature, obsession and possession are very clearly defined. Medical literature recognizes only obsession, not possession, because most orthodox scientists have not yet accepted the concept of possession.

What is obsession and how does it occur? Obsession is a phenomenon in which your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are controlled by outside or inside forces other than yourself. When you are obsessed, you do things you are not supposed to do. For example, being obsessed is like abandoning your car on the side of the road and someone jumps in it and drives it away. This 'someone' has different goals and directions than you; he controls your car. Any time a human being loses control over his mind, emotions, body, he is either obsessed or possessed.

For example, if you tell your body to do certain things and the body does not obey, there may be many medical reasons for this, but from the esoteric viewpoint, your nerve centers are controlled by an obsessing entity or by an obsessing thought, event, or image.

A human being's success, beauty, prosperity, and creativity depend on his ability to have full power over his mechanism. Whenever you lose power over your mechanism, you are in danger because someone or something else is controlling you.

On the physical/etheric level, habits are obsessing forces. They obsess your body and make your body function according to the way the habits want. Let us say that you have a habit of drinking. The moment that you see a bottle of whiskey, you do not have power over yourself. The whiskey controls you and you are obsessed by the whiskey.

Anything that you do mechanically eventually becomes your master and obsesses you. Your etheric body is controlled by the directions that the obsession demands from you. You may have an obsession with sex. This obsession can be emotional, mental or etheric. If you see a naked body, you desire it, and the image of the naked body photographically enters your mind, emotions, or etheric centers. At this point you have another guest within your mechanism which tries to control certain parts of your body. This 'guest' is not an entity but a strong impression.

The second level of obsession is more severe. In the Ageless Wisdom, this level is called glamor. Glamor is a condensation of strong desire. Eventually that desire controls your whole life. When you desire something, you must not lose control over it. Whenever you lose control of a desire, that desire grabs you and drives your car, so to speak. If you have five hundred desires that control you, you have no freedom at all. You may call yourself a free person but you are actually living under myriads of different controllers.

The Teaching exists to create total independence and freedom. This does not mean freedom to do whatever you want, because as yet you do not exist as an independent Self.

When you want do so something, who is the doer? It may be a glamor, habit, thoughtform, posthypnotic suggestion, or an entity that is controlling you. If you are really your awareness unit, you are yourself; then you do things independently with your free will and without being subjected to any outside influences. But if you are 'independent' and things in you have control over your pushbuttons, then those things are running your life. The things that are running your life are hidden to such a degree that it is almost impossible to find them or identify them unless you know the techniques to do this.

Let us consider mental obsession. Fanaticism, for example, is mental obsession. Fanaticism means to think about a particular line of thought, ideology, doctrine, or dogma to such a degree that you are stuck in it. It obsesses you. When you are fanatic, you say, "My religion is the only way to fly." Because you are obsessed by your religion, the obsession does not let you thing otherwise.

Mental obsession eventually turns into illusion. An illusion is an image in your mind that says, "I am the only one. Nothing exists besides me." When you reach this stage of crystallization, you are obsessed by your own illusions. For example, an illusion says, "Only my nation; all others are inferior".

Illusions are crystallizations in the mental body. An illusion is composed of distorted mental images that make you believe that it, and nothing lese, is total reality. The corresponding parts of this crystallized portion of the mind in the brain do not function. You think that the whole brain is functioning but it is not. The brain functions at maybe twenty-five percent capacity. If the whole brain is functioning, it is the greatest masterpiece that God gave us. The brain is the most advanced computer that can do anything. It is a television, a radio, a synthesizer, a communicator. But because the mind is blocked with illusions, the corresponding centers in the brain cannot yet function.

Millions of people do not want to think about an object from different viewpoints because their 'windows and doors' are closed. They have only one little opening to the sky through which they hallucinate. Such people are found everywhere.

Health, prosperity, victory and creativity are the results of a mind that is free and open.

In the fourteen century, Christians who were supposedly worshipping Christ as the embodiment of Love butchered thousands of people in the name of that Love. They were obsessed by the idea that they were all the chosen ones and that all others were evil. Any thought that isolates itself in your mind without creating associations with other objects, strata, or planes in the Universe becomes an illusion.

We must try to annihilate habits. No one must be the slave of any habit because habits use our willpower and prevent our evolution, unfoldment, blooming and right relations. The destruction of habits opens the way for us to develop our life and expand our consciousness.

Obsession can occur while watching television. Suppose you are physically ill or emotionally upset when you hear a comment on television that says, "I will kill you!" This enters your mind as a posthypnotic suggestion. Later, is someone disturbs you with even a minor action, you would be prone to say, "I will kill you!" In this case you are hypnotized, and that posthypnotic suggestion is like an entity sitting in your aura. It is a 'control station' within you.

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People who use drugs or who are involved in sexual abuse are hypnotized and obsessed. The current increase in crimes, accidents, insanity, wasted time, and financial expenditures for everyone are caused, in large part, by the obsession of today's youth.

Good habits can be just as harmful as bad habits. No habit is good if it makes you a mechanical slave.

Control over your life is extremely important and necessary. When you lose control through good or bad actions, it is very difficult to regain control. For centuries people have been praying, singing and building churches because of habit. Unfortunately, one can find an abundance of hypocrites in such 'holy' places. Often such people think that someone other than themselves must save them – and will save them. Through their glamors, they profess that some outer force will help them and others who believe the way that they do. In truth, there is no so-called outer force. The helping force is within each person.

A spiritually advanced person acts intelligently. You cannot predict that person's actions because he is free from actions through association. He is not controlled by glamor or illusion. Association is mechanical. Once you have the key, you know what an average person will do next because he is mechanically controlled by association, glamor, and illusion in his nature. Someone once said, "As soon as we begin to enjoy what we are doing and look forward to doing it, we should stop – even if it is meditation or praying – because at that point we have lost control."

You must not be a slave to your 'children'. These 'children' are your thoughts, habits, glamors, and illusions. Once you become enslaved, you are lost. But sometimes we enjoy being slaves so that we can swim in the blinding, paralyzing, shallow waters of self-pity.

Because of its obsessions, humanity is preparing to annihilate itself and the planet. We may ask, "Where is the wisdom of religion, philosophy, and science? What have they taught us?" Actually, whatever they teach, good or bad, is always translated through our habits, glamors, and illusions. It is these translations that affect us, not reality. We can say, "Live in light," but this wisdom can be misinterpreted and used to destroy rather than to serve others.

It is said that the whole world is engulfed in maya. Maya in this sense means everything that is in a state of constant change. Maya is sometimes translated as illusion, but this is not the definition of illusion to which we refer. We refer to the psychological illusion that is crystallized in our mental sphere. This crystallization controls the mental mechanism through association or through direct influence.

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In the Teaching, obsession and possession are two different things. Gradually, science is beginning to recognize possession as well as obsession, and many experiments are being performed to prove scientifically that possession exists. The Teaching, throughout the ages, has taught that possession is a reality. I have seen it in many, many people. It is not a theory; I know that possession exists.

Possession occurs when an entity takes control of your mechanism. It occurs in two stages. In the first stage, the entity controls you from the outside by 'remote control'. In the second stage, the entity enters your etheric, emotional, or mental bodies.

Insanity and mental disease are considered by most great Teachers to be the result of possession. When your mental body is possessed, a focal point of energy is created that may become a tumor or cancer in the brain.

If an entity possesses your emotional body, it creates six conditions that are very dangerous. These conditions are expressed as hatred, fear, anger, greed, jealousy, and revenge.

If the etheric body is possessed, the entity creates blind urges and drives for sex, food, alcohol, drugs, and so on.

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The Possessors

The first category of possessing entities is discarnate entities of low order awaiting incarnation. These are entities living on the etheric or astral planes who want to contact people in order to enjoy life through them. Let us say that an alcoholic or a sexual pervert dies a sudden death; he enters the etheric or astral planes where he is now missing sex or drug experiences. In order to enjoy them again, he tries to possess a human body and absorb its sensations and experiences. If your behavior suddenly and totally changes, this is a sign that you are under the direct or indirect influence of a possessing entity trying to experience various sensations through you.

If an entity wants sexual experiences but cannot get them, he may possess a beautiful girl and make her so hungry for sex that she goes from one man to another. Often such persons are totally ruined by venereal diseases. This occurs in varying degrees, of course. The closer an entity is to you, the more progressively heavy its influence becomes. When you are possessed, you are forced to think only in terms of what the entity wants.

Two psychiatrists and I were once trying to help a woman who was totally possessed by sexual cravings. She left her husband and became a prostitute. Eventually, a specialist in this field was able to free her from the entity. When the entity left, she returned to her normal condition.

When you are coming under the control of any blind urge or drive, be careful. It is a sign that you are heading toward danger. You should always be in control. Test yourself in various ways. Let us say that you are going to have sex with your husband or wife. When everything is ready, decide to forego having sex that particular day. In this way you and your partner can demonstrate self-control. You can do the same test with food, drink, drugs, or anything that imposes itself upon you.

Suicide victims also possess people. Suppose a teenager commits suicide. He regrets doing it and wants to come in contact with life on earth again. So he tries to possess someone through the sex or solar plexus centers in order to control the other person's life. He can then take control of the person's emotional life, or even make him crave food.

People in the Subtle World have many tasks to perform, but if they die with illusions, glamors, and habits, they are inclined to satisfy those urges first, as a demanding force within themselves. This force naturally attracts them to living human beings on earth. Entities see that people on earth are enjoying different pleasures and urges, but being in the subtle planes, they can no longer enjoy these things, so they seek physical contact in the form of possession. This is a means for them to enjoy life as if they had their own physical bodies.

A great Teacher advises us that the best way to handle such problems is to be alert to symptoms of the first sign: When you see that you are being controlled by an outside force, stop what you are doing.

There are also possessing entities, called earthbound spirits, who are on the verge of incarnating into human kingdom but are not yet human. These entities create animalistic or transcendental urges and drives in people. They cause people to make claims such as, "I am from Venus," or "I am the Christ," and so on.

The elements of air, water, earth and fire all have spirits. There are people possessed by such spirits. The differences are interesting. If a water spirit possesses you, it tries to create various urges in you, and you become infatuated with water and everything related to it. Those who are possessed by water spirits live within, on, or near water, and they will die in water. If a fire spirit possesses you, it makes you play with fire in different forms. Those who are possessed by spirit of fire, love fire, work with fire, and will die by fire. Those who are possessed by air spirits like to fly. They like to live in the air, and they will die in the air. Those who are possessed by earth spirits are bound to the earth and will die by earth movements.

In normal states of consciousness, people must not be possessed by such entities, which grow on them like parasitic plants grow on trees and suck their energy.

As a person advances on the path toward perfection, he becomes more able to protect himself from various kinds of possessive entities. The higher he climbs, the less opportunity is given to these entities, until he eventually finds liberation.

Animals may possess those who slaughtered them, who killed them for sport, or who made their lives hell through the torture of vivisection. When animals possess a person, the person expresses uncontrollable sex drives. Most rapists, sadists, and sodomites who cause great pain and suffering to innocent children, teenagers, or mentally retarded individuals, are controlled by animal spirits. There are animals in them, using the human body for revenge on that person.

Animals lead human beings into complicated crimes, such as manslaughter. Bestial people are all possessed. Sometimes it is very difficult to control them, as they manifest animal strength and fearless drive.

Animals cannot possess the mental body, only the etheric and lower astral bodies. This is why highly-educated people escape possession by them, but after their death, the animals get them.

The Universal Law is that no living being must be destroyed without serving a higher purpose. Vivisection is against the Law of Compassion. Killing animals for sport cannot be justified in any way. Of course, questioning regarding this matter can create endless debate, but the law stands firm: "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you".

Entities called dark brothers also possess people. For various reasons, these dark brothers try to destroy both individuals and humanity as a whole through various ways. They make a person's entire nature negative, destructive, and poisonous. Primarily, these entities are invoked through channels and mediums, especially mediums.

When H. P. Blavatsky was in London, her Teacher sent her to the United States to warn its citizens about the dangers of falling into a condition in which an epidemic of obsession/possession, mediums, channels, and hypnotists could exist. Very few people listened to her. Today, mediums are increasing like mushrooms, and people everywhere are listening to them.

Remember this principle: Your destiny is to be free. You are not to be under the influence of anything. You must develop your own reason, logic, and intuition. You must do only those things that you want to do, free of imposition. You must know what you want to know, without being enslaved by entities.

No medium, channel or hypnotist must be allowed to use you. You must use your own mind, intellect, and intuition. You can have direct contact with your Teacher, just as Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and Helena Roerich did. Helena Roerich wrote fourteen books; she was not a medium or a channel but was in direct contact with her Teacher. As the Teacher talked, she would write down what He said. At all times she had conscious control and communication. Such people are mediators, not mediums or channels.

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Possession vs. Obsession

Possession is more serious than obsession. An obsessed or possessed person shows the following signs:

  1. Frequent changing of your mind, directions and decisions without any solid reason.
  2. Contradicting your own thoughts, statements, actions, and behaviour.
  3. Frequent change of plans.
  4. The development of vanity.
  5. A state of confusion.
  6. Irritation.
  7. Mood swings.
  8. The expression of gossip, slander, and malice.
  9. Unrestrained hatred.
  10. Excessive talking.
  11. Lying and cheating.
  12. "Hanging on"

When you hang onto someone, in some degree you are obsessing or possessing that person.

Obsession is more common than possession. Possessing entities are very intelligent. They are interested in contacting and using people who are in positions of power and influence. These entities know precisely what they are doing. They use the most sophisticated equipment and methods to accomplish their dark goals and purpose. Entities search for physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually advanced people to possess. We can even say that more advanced people are possessed than average people. Remember, too, that entities also possess groups or entire nations.

When a person lies, he is either obsessed or possessed, depending on the degree. If you lie five times a day, you are obsessed. If you lie fifty times a day, you are cheating yourself to a large degree and do not know the unreal from real; you are possessed. Sometimes you even believe your own lies and can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction. In this condition, you are in great danger of possession, if you are not already possessed.

Epilepsy is the result of an attack by various entities. They attack the consciousness thread and try to snap it. If an entity succeeds in snapping the consciousness thread, the person becomes unconscious until the life thread recharges the consciousness thread and re-establishes the current of light going to the brain. If those with epilepsy do not follow a spiritual discipline and high moral codes, entities can eventually possess them.

Possession and obsession can occur intermittently. In other words, an entity can enter, then leave, and then return again. Persistent, heavy, focused labor keeps them away. Entities leave especially if a person is in the presence of a great Teacher. His psychic energy, love and enthusiasm repel such entities.

Possession occurs especially during critical times. At a personal level, if you have an accident and are unconscious for several hours, it is possible for an entity to enter. If this occurs, as you are returning to consciousness from the subjective side, you see that your body is occupied by a strange entity.

Let us say that an entity is occupying the body of an elderly person who is about to die. That entity begins searching for another body to occupy. If a young child has an accident and leaves his body for a time, the entity immediately vacates the ninety-year-old body and enters the child's body, where it regenerates the boy and continues living for another ninety years or so. There are entities like this that live many long lives using this method of changing from one 'car' to another. The accident victim whose body is taken over by the entity is 'thrown out' so to speak, onto the astral or mental planes. The victim, in turn, will probably try to possess others to gain contact with the physical world.

In the case of a suicide, it may be that the person committing suicide is already possessed and the possessing entity wants the person back in the Subtle Planes. So it plants a posthypnotic suggestion to commit suicide in the person's mind.

Be very cautious with your actions. Avoid creating situations and events where people can think about you negatively because their thoughts will come to you. You may feel the impact of negative thoughts immediately. If this happens, it is helpful to think of yourself as being beautiful and to say,

"More radiant than the Sun, purer than the snow, subtler than the ether, is the Self, the Spirit within my heart. I am that Self, That Self am I."

People often ask if it is possible for a baby to be born obsessed or possessed. If we have not advanced to the higher mind and our mental body was obsessed or possessed in the past, we can bring the obsession and possession with us into our new incarnation. If a person is in the astral plane with lots of bad karma, astral entities can obsess him; he may be born with these entities also. Some young children may show signs of obsession or possession. This is why it is very important to purify ourselves before we pass away.

You can be obsessed or possessed in your physical body. Separation between the etheric and dense physical body provided opportunities for entities to enter your physical body. Venereal diseases and habits such as drugs, alcohol, inertia, and an inactive life can create those conditions in which entities may enter your body. Stagnated bodies invite unwholesome guests.

You can be emotionally obsessed or possessed through several different conditions:

  • Hatred creates cracks in your aura. Ninety percent of those who hate are going to be possessed. That is why hatred is dangerous. Love protects you, but hatred cracks your aura.
  • Fear, especially sudden fear, can create a very deep crack in your aura through which entities gain entry. In these cases you become a double or triple personality.
  • Anger rends the aura. Anger lets your energy flow out, while in the meantime it leaves the gate open for obsessing entities.
  • Jealousy is a very serious condition that attracts obsessing and possessing entities. Jealousy creates obsession primarily in the mental plane. Initially you are obsessed by the person of whom you are jealous. His or her image gradually finds a way to enter your subconscious mind, and when it starts controlling you, it becomes and obsession.
  • Sex can obsess you. You can receive another person's obsession or possession the first time you have sexual intercourse with him. We know that through wrong sexual relations a person can be obsessed or possessed. Since ancient times, prostitution has been forbidden. Be extremely careful with whom you have sexual relations.

Religions and the Ageless Wisdom have always spoken against these evils. Remember that obsession always paves the way for those who want to possess you. Obsession dulls your observations and deadens your analytical mind, and then suddenly the obsessing/possessing entity enters your body. One way to identify obsession in a person is to observe his eyes. The eyes of an obsessed or possessed person have no focus. He looks at you, but he does not actually see you. Something is obstructing his eyes from registering what he sees. Sometimes the eyes are even crossed, their focus is lost, or the look glassy.

In the majority of cases involving physical possession, entry is gained through the sacral center. Emotional obsession is usually effected through the lower solar plexus; obsessing mental entities enter through the throat center.

Possessed ones live as if in a dream. They do not comprehend what they say because the possessing entity controls them and speaks through them. When a person is possessed, he is actually absent. In the case of possession, the soul, the awareness unit, is cast out of the body. Possessed persons may think they are speaking with someone but in essence they are in a dream.

Possessed people are mechanical and automatic. This explains their frequent change of moods and thought. They are not sincere and they do not know what it is they are saying. The often become fiercely agitated and say such things as, "I hate you," and then the next moment they say, "I love you." They are not there. The entities are playing a drama through them. One can learn many things about obsession and possession by knowing how to observe.

We may wonder how the possessing entity benefits. His sole benefit is to enjoy himself at the cost of others.

People also occasionally ask if an advanced soul can possess or obsess a person. High-level entities do not obsess so-called average people. They do sometimes approach advanced persons, not for exploitation, but to save the life of another person or to perform some heroic deed. When the specific mission is finished, the high-level entity leaves the person.

Sometimes artists, leaders, writers, composers, and so on can be 'obsessed' for a short time. In such cases, the purpose of the 'obsession' is to produce something very important to help the world. But again, one must always aspire toward independence in order to develop his own potentials.

Lower obsession is epidemic. When Christ was removing the entities from an insane person, He said, "Their name is legion." "Legion" means large in number; they are entities like monkeys, holding onto one another's tail. If you are obsessed with one entity, it is likely that others will move in to join the first one. This is the beginning of insanity. Insanity is a condition where you have no control over your body or mind, a condition in which entities take control of all the centers in your body.

If someone you are with is possessed, you may also be contaminated by the possessing entity and even bring it in your own system.

Obsession is a common sickness in people who work in situations where blood is shed, such as battlefield or slaughterhouses. If these people are sensitive or have cracked auras, they present themselves as possible candidates for possession. Great Ones warn us about bloodshed. An epidemic of obsession occurs following bloodshed, but if a person's aura is pure and he has psychic energy, he can resist possession for long time in such locations.

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that entities are attracted to your home or to your body when it is contaminated with dirt or blood. Blood is especially forbidden because dark entities are attracted to the smell of blood.

In the future, scientists will be able to demonstrate that many microbes are the bodies of entities that prefer to nourish themselves on blood. Women must exercise special care during their menstrual periods to maintain extreme cleanliness and to focus their minds on great art, beautiful music, and higher thoughts. This elevates and strengthens a woman's vibration so that dark entities are repelled by her radiation.

The aura is a kind of electricity that radiates from your three bodies and higher vehicles. Like a shield it protects you. When this shield is strong, your immunity is also strong. The disease of AIDS increases primarily due to wrong sexual relations and drug abuse. People destroy their auras with these actions and, subsequently, their immunity is wiped out. Without immunity, any microbe can enter and crush you.

The greatest immunity available is psychic energy. Psychic energy is a ruby-violet colored energy that fuses the whole aura. When you see people with psychic energy, their auras vibrate with ruby and violent colors. They repel all microbes.

Immunity is related to the lymphatic system. Be careful when using public restrooms, public drinking fountains, and so on. Science has now documented that AIDS is transferred through contact with contaminated blood or semen. Ask your doctor how to protect yourself, but by increasing your psychic energy and discipline, you will never contract this kind of disease.

Viruses have emotional and mental bodies. Physical contamination is followed several years later with contamination in the emotional body, then a while later in the mental body. Germs and viruses are exactly like human beings; they have etheric, astral, and mental bodies. This concept makes great sense; viruses are very sensitive. Sensitivity characterizes the astral body, and intelligence the mental body.

Viruses, like cells, are entities living in a larger entity. It is interesting that viruses are seen as sparkling colors, rather than forms. Two hundred years from now, discoveries will reveal that tuberculosis is actually the name of an entity. The microbes and germs we detect today are the cells of a possessing entity.

Infectious diseases such as measles, influenza, colds, and so on are entities that contaminate large number of people at one time. A week or two later they move on to another city. These entities infect us through our moral sickness, hatred, wrong human relations, greed, cheating, too much sex, drugs, and so on. If you are weakened, they are attracted to you. For example, while travelling in the desert one day, I noticed flocks of crows accumulating on the highway. They were preying on large numbers of snakes that had been killed by cars. Wherever there is contamination, these kinds of birds flock. Likewise, if there is contamination in our spiritual morality, entities are attracted to us.

We sometimes think of primitive cultures as being very backward. When I was in Africa, I observed native healers who were chasing a sickness out of a person. They said, "We want to scare the sickness, the entity. When it finally leaves, the man will be healed." Science has traditionally rejected these methods, but there has been a recent renewed interest in these practices, as well as research into the value of various herbs and roots as healing agents. A plant is the body of an entity that, through the plant, can heal you.

Human beings came to this earth as students going through the school of Life. Your destination is to graduate with honors. You must strive for the best body, the best emotions, heart, and mind, and to cultivate all of your divine potentials and powers. Eventually you will graduate from this earth and enter higher spheres to continue your progress toward galaxies and the Cosmos. This is your destination. If you walk in harmony toward your destination, you will benefit from all the forces and energies in the Universe. If you work against your destination by degenerating yourself, you will draw every kind of destructive entity and event to yourself until you are annihilated. The Great Sage says, "The greatest protection is striving toward the heights." You must strive towards the spiritual heights – heights of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom.

If you strive with the five-pointed star, nothing can conquer you. Starting with the highest point of the star and continuing clockwise, we have Beauty, then Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom.

Five-Pointed Star

The five-pointed star will protect you. Always try to think, speak, and act according to the values of the five-pointed star. When your physical, emotional, and mental actions are in conflict with the star, you are in danger of attack.

Do not act in ugliness. If you are doing anything ugly, you will be prey for the vultures and wolves. Through ugliness, you attract them to your body.

Beauty is the first sword to use against possessing entities. Be physically beautiful in dress, actions, speech, and so on. Be emotionally and mentally beautiful. Your Inner Self will tell you when you are expressing beauty on all these levels, and if you do anything ugly, It will also warn you by saying, "Don't do that!"

You will never create bad karma if you are totally filled with Goodness. When you express goodness in your actions, you will never feel regretful. But you will regret a million times when you do wrong.

Righteousness is the highest virtue that controls your karmic destination. Do not be unrighteous with even one penny. We are told that when Mohammed was dying, something was deeply troubling him. He called a friend and told him to repay a chicken that he had taken several weeks earlier from a neighbor. He did not want he karma of the unpaid debt to go with him to the other side. On the other side, you pay an additional ninety-nine percent tax on unpaid debts.

Do not forget the angels who appeared to Lot and said, "We are going to burn Sodom and Gomorrah." But Lot begged them not to burn the cities if ten righteous people can be found." "Let me find them, then," Lot responded. He searched, but he could not even find five righteous men, so the cities were burned. The same fate can befall humanity again. If we increase righteousness, we will be saved. If we continue in our unrighteousness, the fire will clean us.

Those people who have Joy resist illness. Joy heals wounds very quickly, even when it is considered medically impossible.

If you undergo surgery, do not feel sorry for yourself. Have somebody nearby to create joy in you. Three days later you will be healed. Joy is psychic energy – your own essence – that pours down into your aura and builds a shield around you. The Great Sage says, "Nobody can conquer a man who has Joy in his heart."

If you are depressed or angry, start smiling and soon your depression will disappear. Force yourself to smile. Of course, a smile is only one percent of total joy, but if you start smiling, the rest slowly comes. Even if you are talking with someone whom you dislike, approach him with a smile and negativity will disappear.

Freedom is a state of consciousness that cannot be easily achieved. Real freedom is the absence of obsession and possession. It is a state of being your True Self. If anything is influencing you, you are not free. If you have spiritual indifference and control over the things that might influence you, then you are free.

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Other ways to prevent obsession and possession

One of the best ways to control obsession and possession is the use of violet light. Dark entities hate violet.

Sunshine also repels dark entities, but one must sit in the sun only for five minutes. Following your brief exposure, take a shower.

Good sleep revitalizes the body and stops possession. To prepare for sleep, do not eat or drink after sunset or after five o'clock, whichever comes first. Take a nice bath or cold shower. Everything must be cleaned from your body so that you can relax. If possible, sleep in a room that contains only your bed. Have no music or perfumes where you sleep. Windows must be darkened and opened slightly for fresh air to enter. A darkened room is preferable because light stimulates certain centers in your brain, causing many kinds of unwanted dreams that are fabrications of your psyche.

The next method to help prevent possession and obsession is swimming, dancing, physical labor, and climbing mountains. Do not sit home like potatoes. Mountain climbing is very good for the nervous and glandular systems, more particularly the glandular system. You must sweat and strive, then return home for a nice bath and rest. Climbing is especially good for people living in polluted cities. Dancing is also very beneficial, especially folk dancing.

Meditation is the supreme shield against possession and obsession. But you must do correct meditation.

Love and beauty are very important protections. Think about beauty, about light, about love. Imagine and visualize that you are actually fused with light, love, and beauty.

Your aura is weakened and your protection becomes faulty through any expression of lying, stealing, gossip, slander, and malice. Every time you deceive someone, including yourself, you crack your aura.

Some people wonder about chanting. If chanting is done mechanically, it is extremely dangerous because it leads you into posthypnotic state of consciousness. If you know what you are chanting and what the chanting means and are always conscious while doing it, then there is no danger. If you are frequently chanting in a conscious way, you must be certain that you can contain that energy which comes into your centers. Sometimes your most active centers absorb the energy and then go out of control.

Let us say that your most active center is your sex center and you are chanting. Because your charkas are not harmonized, integrated and balanced with each other, the energy created by chanting will immediately go to your sex center. As you increase the chanting, you become more excited and sex oriented. The more energy you receive, the more your energy must be used in a field of worthy labor. Chanting is less dangerous if it is done by a group.

Prayer is very good before you sleep. Calling the names of your Teachers is also excellent. You can call out to God, Christ, Buddha, Whomever you want. Your stomach must be clean, no intoxication. Your daily life must be righteous, pure, and clean so that your conscience does not bother you.

Watching television for a few hours in the evening, year after year, destroys your etheric web. It burns the web.

The greatest gift is freedom. Try to be free. Make your 'computer system' obey only your highest will. Those who stay free from obsession and possession will be leaders of the coming ages.

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Dark entities are very much interested in the period of adolescence because this is when physical, emotional and mental changes occur and when sexual temptations and crises are revealed all around the person.

Adolescence is a period in which you either build your future or destroy it, or you create hindrances that will meet you in the future.

The future lives of drug users will be very horrible if they do not take drastic actions in this life to rid themselves of the drugs and their effects as much as possible.

Abortion is a crime against an incarnating soul. This soul will be thrown into the etheric plane, where he will suffer for as long as he was intended to live on the physical plane if he had not been aborted. Often those who commit abortion are acting under the force of possession. It is also observed that the incarnating ego is possessed, and this possession influences the mother to have an abortion so as not to give the incarnating one a chance to free himself from his possessor.

Alcohol damages the solar plexus, both in the etheric body and on the fourth mental level where the mental correspondent of the solar plexus exists. This center in the mental plane is used to create causes or those thoughts that will put forces or energies into action. Alcohol paralyzes such a process. Instead, it opens the path of the possessing entity to use the man to express his destructive intentions.

Alcoholics will come back mentally retarded in their next life. But if they quit drinking and have ten to fifteen years to heal themselves, they may possibly avoid the tragic consequences waiting for them in the next life. If they do not overcome their drinking and die as alcoholics, they will be born without direction, initiative, and striving, and thus will work for others as slaves.

The quantity of alcohol consumed is not the decisive factor in determining the effects of alcohol. Sometimes one cup of wine will destroy the brain; sometimes a person will have to drink for ten years before he destroy his brain. The damage accumulates and hits the person at a time that is unexpected.

The best policy is not to use alcohol at all, not even to please other people. Alcoholic egos attach themselves to those who use the same vice, and they often travel with each other, possessing each other alternately.

Smoking tobacco or marijuana dulls the pineal gland and the sensitive cells around it that transmit communications from the Solar Angel. It is a very slow process, but eventually the damage reaches large proportions. Chewing tobacco kills the haemoglobin of the blood and opens the person to invite in unwanted entities.

The primary cause of depression is due to the cut which entities make on the consciousness thread. When the Monad cannot transfer enough energy to the mechanism, the mechanism becomes depleted and falls into inertia or heavy depression.

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Kinds of Attacks

Obsession is a method to control people or various kinds of interests. Because of this, certain powerful brains and people who are heavily loaded with money exercise control over the masses. Their methods of control include

  1. Subliminal suggestions, which have proven very profitable to those who are eager to control the masses.
  2. Certain drugs and chemicals, which are used to control the minds and responses of the masses. These drugs and chemicals are put in cigarettes, food, water, or released into the air.
  3. Electrical low frequency (ELF) waves, which can be orchestrated in such a way that they can, in time, create any phenomenon they want.

A microbe, germ, or virus is an energy wave. If the darkened souls discover the frequency of certain microbes, germs, and viruses, they could easily create mass epidemics. It is also possible to find those frequencies that could destroy such evil frequencies. The use of frequency will become one of the weapons of enemy nations if world peace is not achieved. The war will be waged in space, and all creatures will be affected. We are told that the Atlantean civilization reached such a stage of knowledge and that from that moment on their destiny of annihilation was determined by their own karma. At present, such research is being undertaken everywhere with intense effort.

In 1973, one day by chance I discovered a barn that housed a huge electrical machine that contained many pocket-like holes. The operator told me that the machine could kill a person or destroy a nation if they could discover the frequency of that person or nation or of certain people in that nation. The operator inadvertently showed me a list of names programmed into the machine, and to my shocked surprise, my name was written on that paper contained in one of the pockets of the machine, dated 1969. It was interesting that my health had been deteriorating steadily since 1969, and in 1973 I was in bad shape. The operator had shown me the names without knowing who I was. My name had been given to them by a woman who disliked me because her daughter was a member of our organization.

When I saw my name, I said with perfect calmness and a smile, "I know this man and he is already dead. Why do you still have his name on your list? Perhaps you want to punish his soul?" He removed my name from the list and deleted it from the machine. From that day forward, I felt a great release and my health improved considerably. Later, when I tried to relocate the barn, I could not. It was two hours toward the mountains from Denver, on a secluded farm.

Meditation and deep thinking can end confusion by creating peace between conflicting thoughts, making them cooperate with each other.

The human being must progress at a speed that is ahead of periodic crises. If our spiritual progress is controlled by such a speed that we bypass these dates, the pollution will not affect us. For example, before the year 1945 if my consciousness advances to the level of 1950, or if before 1985 my consciousness is already in 2000, this means that because of my speed of progress, I will not clash with any of these situations or be involved with them.

Spiritual progress is not only enlightenment and achievement for the human soul, but it is also health, happiness, and prosperity of the personality and its life.

I once saw a yogi drink poison. He immediately began to perspire and emanate a bad odor. Then he jumped into a very cold river, washed himself off, and said, "That is all." Later I discovered that one-tenth of the dosage he took could kill a person in just a few minutes. The secret was that his higher centers were active, and they used the poison as a cleaning agent, changing the poison into a kind of nourishment for the body. This is how we are able to cope with or bypass dangerous situations if we are ahead in our evolution. As the human body and mind cyclically discharges certain accumulations, so does Nature. A person can escape Nature's cycles of elimination if he speeds his evolution or if he faces his emotional, physical, moral, and psychic pollution, having immunity, and renders a great service during the crisis.

Subliminal messages cause certain side-effects when impressing your brain. If you are sensitive you may experience

  • Strain around your eyes or ears
  • Mild nausea, with a headache and some dizziness
  • An urge to urinate
  • Bodily perspiration
  • A feeling of being blocked or blanked out for a few minutes in your consciousness
  • A whistling sound in your ear, or pink colors in your vision

Most popular music is loaded with subliminal suggestions.

Subliminal messages used to obsess or possess people are also used in advertisements in the paper, on the radio, television, films, and so on.

Obsession is spread by drugs; the use of drugs opens the gates for possession. Drugs create a rent between our bodies. Excessive fire from higher bodies descends to the lower bodies and centers, creating imbalance, congestion, or over-stimulation in the lower centers. For an obsessor this is a golden opportunity to exercise control.

It is also possible that because of the rents, other entities can enter our vehicles, or they find easy access going from one vehicle into another. They eventually succeed in possessing the whole mechanism of the person.

Obsession is spread through greed and fear. To justify our greed, we fabricate many kinds of needs. We even succeed in deceiving ourselves, thinking that what we really need is what others have. When greed obsesses people, they turn into grasshoppers who eat and waste all our natural resources, increase pollution, poison, and eventually kill Mother Earth, and with Her, themselves as well.

Obsession and possession are injected into our society by mediums. This is a very serious matter. In every city, hundreds of mediums, psychics and channels are at work allowing 'disembodied liars' to control the life of our society, sometimes even the actions of our leaders. Mediums know what to say, how to say it, and to whom to speak so that they pollute the minds of people more efficiently, make them dependent slaves on their advice and philosophies, and eventually, after gaining their confidence, lead the to destruction.

Mediums, channels, and lower psychics do not realize that they are being used and manipulated –and what a sad destiny awaits them in the future. When mediums, psychics and channels increase, it is a sign that society will fall into the path of corruption and degeneration.

Another method used by the dark forces is totalitarianism.

-Torkom Saraydarian

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