The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary

Karl von Eckartshausen


Karl von Eckartshausen


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The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary by Karl von Eckartshausen

Translated by Isabel de Steiger, Introduction by A.E. Waite. Third issue, revised and enlarged, London, William Rider & Son, ltd.

Source: Sacred-Texts.Com

Karl von Eckartshausen
Karl von Eckhartshausen

Karl von Eckhartshausen (1752-1803) was an 18th century German mystic who wrote extensively on esoteric topics. This work, The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, is Christian mysticism veiled in hermetic code. Eckhartshausen was briefly a member of the Bavarian Illuminati, but left for spiritual reasons. He cryptically mentions a "Society of the Elect" which has existed from the very beginning of time, "the invisible celestial Church." He predicted that "it is the society whose members form a theocratic republic, which one day will be the Regent Mother of the whole World." This book later influenced the Order of the Golden Dawn, and most notably, Aleister Crowley.—J.B. Hare

By the COUNCILLOR D' ECKARTSHAUSEN TRANSLATED (with notes) by MADAME ISABEL DE STEIGER. Published in six parts in the periodical "The Unknown World", 1895. All Rights Reserved.

Acknowledgements: PDF Version by ATR 2003 Tawil Publishing, Scanned from "The Unknown World", No. 6 - Vol. I, Jan. 15, 1895, and corrected by hand.


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