The Mysterium Magnum by Jacob Boehme


Jacob Boehme

Table of Contents


Cover Page
Author's Preface
Glossary of Boehme's Terminology
Chapter 1:
What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity.
Chapter 2:
Of the Word, or Heart of God.
Chapter 3:
How out of the Eternal Good an Evil is come to be; which in the Good had no Beginning to the Evil: And of the Original of the Dark World, or Hell, wherein the Devils dwell.
Chapter 4:
Of the Two Principles, viz. God's Love, and Anger; of Darkness, and Light; very necessary for the Reader to consider of.
Chapter 5:
Of the Five Senses.
Chapter 6:
Of the Essence of Corporality. The Seventh form of Nature. Luna (Moon) and Saturnus. Beginning --- End.
Chapter 7:
Of the Holy Trinity, and Divine Essence.
Chapter 8:
Of the Creation of Angels, and their Dominion.
Chapter 9:
Of the Fall of Lucifer, with his Legions.
Chapter 10:
Of the Creation of Heaven and the Outward World.
Chapter 11:
Of the Mystery of the Creation.
Chapter 12:
Of the Six Days' Works of the Creation.
Chapter 13:
Of The Creation of the Fourth Day.
Chapter 14:
Of the Creation of the Fifth Day.
Chapter 15:
Of the Sixth Day's Work of the Creation.
Chapter 16:
Of the Difference of the Heavenly and Earthly Man.
Chapter 17:
Of Paradise.
Chapter 18:
Of the Paradisical State showing how it should have been if Adam had not fallen.
Chapter 19:
Of the building (framing) of the Woman; showing how Man was ordained to the outward Natural Life.
Chapter 20:
Of the Lamentable and Miserable Fall and Corruption of Man.
Chapter 21:
Of the Impression and Original of the Bestial Man; and of the Beginning and Ground of his Sickness and Mortality.
Chapter 22:
Of the Original of Actual Sin, and the Awakening of God's Anger in the Human Property.
Chapter 23:
How God re-called Adam and his Eve when they were entered into Sin and Vanity, and awakened in the Serpent's Ens; and laid upon them the Order of this toilsome laborious world, and ordained the Serpent-Bruiser for a Help (or Saviour) to them.
Chapter 24:
Of the Cause and Rise of the Curse of the Earth, and of the Body of Sickness.
Chapter 25:
How God drove Adam out of Paradise, and laid the Cherub before the Garden.
Chapter 26:
Of the Propagation of Man in this World, and of Cain, the First-born, The Murderer of his Brother.
Chapter 27:
Of Cain's and Abel's offering and of the False and Antichristian Church, and also of the True Holy Church.
Chapter 28:
Of Cain's Killing of his Brother, viz. of the Proud, Haughty, Antichristian, hypocritical Church upon the Earth; and also of the True Christendom hidden under this Antichristian Church.
Chapter 29:
Shows how the Adamical Tree has put forth and opened itself out of its Stock, and introduced itself into Boughs, Branches, Twigs, and Fruit; out of which Pullulation or Manifestation the Invention of all Arts and Governments is Arisen.
Chapter 30:
Of the Line of the Covenant.
Chapter 31:
Of Enoch's Wonderful Line.
Chapter 32:
Of the Covenant between God and Noah.
Chapter 33:
Of the beginning of the Second monarchy, and of the Covenant of God with Noah, and all Creatures.
Chapter 34:
How Noah cursed his Son Ham, and of the Mystical Prophecy Concerning his Three Sons and their Posterity.
To the reader by John Sparrow, translator
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