Developing Mental Power

George Malcolm Stratton

Childhood Education, 1922

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George Malcolm Stratton



Copyright 1922 by George Malcolm Stratton

The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Riverside Educational Monographs

Edited by Henry Suzzallo, president of the University of Washington, Seattle

Houghton Mifflin Company

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A part of what is here offered has appeared in an article called "The Mind as Misrepresented to Teachers." The author wishes to thank the Editor of the Atlantic Monthly, where the paper was first published, for permission to reprint it. In preparing the present monograph, however, the earlier paper has been entirely rewritten and new material has been added.

George Malcolm Stratton (1865-1957) was born in Oakland, California and completed his PhD in Leipzig, where he became interested in psychology. He taught at the University of California and Johns Hopkins. During World War I, he was a captain in Army aviation, as well as a member of the psychological division. His works include What Starts Wars: International Delusions and Experimental Psychology and Its Bearing Upon Culture.


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