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Richard Rose

Notes on Celibacy

Notes taken by students of Richard Rose on various occasions

A.) TAT Meeting - November 29, 1980

Sublimation of sex is the basis for all civilization.

This has also created a super-monkey. We are on the verge of going either way – toward a further civilization or toward making sex a part of the master plan.

Transmission Papers – Even the energy for thought has to be delivered from the physical body (begins with carbohydrates in the body). The object is to get the maximum value from it.

A whole way of life is involved. Oxidation is necessary. Quantum comes by oxidation of the energy in the body.

You can use this energy any way you want. But you must make this your priority. You can’t be a wise man and a millionaire both.

Indifference is necessary in this use, same as it is in selling. Set your goal, act, and don’t give a damn (betweenness).

Celibacy implies totality of focus, total control.

Once you prove to yourself that you have control, something happens.

After this intuition develops, you won’t burn yourself out.

This is covered in Percival's Thinking and Destiny.

You can apply your intellect to solve any problem. You can apply this to reach people’s heads.

Don’t discredit the egos; they can be used to get energy – if you don’t make a fool of yourself.

People new in the public eye (incl. political leaders) start to look ragged; they can’t resist the temptation to spend the energy.

If you wish, you can 1) develop perfect intuition, 2) project energy: i.e., heal, touch other minds.

There is no limit to this (healing, etc.) – but all of no ultimate value.

Use this to develop the intuition to arrive at a simple answer – the goal of all spirituality – which is the only real use for this energy.

Not many people between 40 and 70 accomplish anything – unless they had established a direction when they were young.

There is magic in this. It can extremely dangerous; there is a negative side of the picture. Tricks are played, taking energy from others.

You must know how to hold the oil in your lamp once you get it. (Biblical reference)

Marriage is a classroom you enter; you don’t know what you will get from it. It’s a two-way street; for both people it's a tremendous educational experience.

A man who can be managed by the woman is not my idea of the perfect man.

There is a particular form of chemistry between two people, producing inspiration. The executive has his wife and the inspiration (which may be the other woman). She inspires him and destroys him – he runs on his ego until he drops. There’s no reason to develop this big business.

Unless the head is steeled to take this, it can’t withstand the energy of philosophical or even mathematical thinking.

One of the most dangerous of vanities is the spiritual one; a man becomes a tycoon, goes off the deep end.

B.) Richard Rose on Celibacy

Notes compiled by Paul Constant

Source (link opens 3-page PDF): searchwithin.org

Sexual Lifestyle


Celibacy develops creative genius and intuition—items needed to carry a man where there are no railroad tracks.

I have taught a moral system of philosophy that helps a person survive life by maintaining the highest physical and mental strength.

Some people are immediately offended with the idea of celibacy, because they cannot achieve it.

Fulfilling nature’s plans is not a sin, but I say resist the plans.

Thoughts incite the glands, and the glands incite the thoughts.

We are not capable of discriminating between our own thoughts and interjected thoughts, such as those from entities, Nature, or programmed thoughts.

At times, however, we may feel very compelled to seize upon an opportunity, and as long as we strongly feel or believe it is right, then perhaps we must use the opportunity. We may be wrong, but trial and error is often our only hope. A lifestyle that develops intuition will guide us at these rare or critical crossroads.

Negative suggestions to the mind are not very effective. For example, "I will not have sex" is not as workable as "I wish to be free of sex."

To the celibate or virgin man, the most energy-consuming woman will look the most beautiful.

If a person lives a clean or celibate life in his earlier years (before 35 years of age), then in his older years, when celibacy is a less effective lever, he will still be able to maintain a high energy level.

Prostatitis is not caused by celibacy itself, but by indulging in sexual reverie while abstaining at the same time. Prostatitis and cancer of the prostate are more likely to be the result of diet, sexual habits, hereditary, etc. then celibacy.

Everybody has governing agents which build forces around them and lead them around. Celibacy is the only way to escape this. If you are not celibate, you get bounced back and forth until you get bounced down a narrow channel that has been picked for you.

Celibacy can have different results for different people. But indulging in any kind of sex, even if controlled, should not disrupt, because it will destroy your direction.

A man is not an individual until he gets control of his body.

Know that sex is important, don’t just say it.

To prevent reverie, you have to visualize or repeat something, such as "I am, I wish to be."

When you think about it, life comes down to the hairy end of a gut.

Try reading The Albigen Papers and writing down what you think about the book. Then try 30 days of physical and mental celibacy and read it again. Compare what you think about the book now and what you originally wrote down.

A true virgin is not someone who has never indulged in sex, but rather someone who chooses prolonged abstinence over indulgence. This decision gives real power.

The next step after celibacy is possibly to become more psychic. Down the road, these abilities can be used to help teach others about philosophy. Christ healed people to attract students to his teachings.

Once a person learns to heal, the conservation of energy is not a strict requirement.


A person must find a mate with a spiritual equivalent with regard to sex. A person with a sexually conservative life, who has had only a few sexual partners, should not marry or even have intercourse with a person who has slept with many partners.

In marriage, one individual spiritually elevates the other, but the second contaminates the first.

Just because you’re caught in a bear trap [a bad marriage], that doesn’t mean you have to carry it around the rest of your life.

In response to a question about whether his remarkable intuitive ability resulted from his Enlightenment experience or preceded it, Rose said that he always had intuition about everything except sex, and that he had a tendency to project angelic qualities onto women.

Entities initiate the sex drive in all living things. A rabbit has six babies, five of which end in death (blood entities). The remaining rabbit is the strongest and most sexually potent. Why do we have a world where five die? Why not just have one strong one?

A person might have latent tendencies that manifest later in life. For example, a married man could turn to homosexuality when he is older.

Someone who is married may take on the degenerate lifestyle of their husband or wife. One person will be pulled up, and the other will be dragged down.

Entities may set up the entire game over a lifetime to create the downfall of an individual. Some men who steal or commit other crimes are seemingly charmed. They get away with everything until committing a big crime. Then he is put into the penitentiary, where homosexual activities feed energy to the entity that created the charmed life.

Another method of creating someone’s downfall: an entity may attack a spiritual individual, or a spouse, and inflict a physical ailment or pain.

Men have higher sexual frequencies than women because they must try several times before impregnating the female.

Women need prostaglandins and quantum energy to keep them young. If a man declines to give prostaglandins to his wife, he risks the danger of the woman finding another man.

A woman has 28 minds, one for every day of the month.

A man will often stand up for women (in their presence) to improve the chances of gratifying his sexual desires.

Women dislike men during menstruation because the man did not get her pregnant. This is especially true in close relationships.

A marriage partner should never be allowed to interfere with a spouse’s priority.

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