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"Santo Cachón"

Los Embajadores Vallenatos

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Cacho is "horn". To be given the horns means your woman has been unfaithful. She is asking forgiveness and the guy says, "What? As if I were Santo Cachón?" - as if I were the Saint who gives pardons for unfaithfulness?

Me dijeron que te vieron, te pillaron el otro día sabroseando con un señor ... que no era yo.

They told me that they saw you, they caught you the other day, enjoying yourself with a gentleman ... who was not I.  (sabroso is "delicious" which he turns into a verb)

Me contaron los que te vieron en una forma, Dios mío, que ¡Uy! mejor no digo.

They told me what they saw you doing, in a manner, my God, dang! it’s better I don’t say.

No fué uno, ni fueron dos, fueron tres, los amigos que te vieron con el, moliendo caña.

It wasn’t one, not even two, but three friends who saw you with him making sugar. (grinding sugarcane)

Ay mientras yo muy solitario, como el llanero, porque tu a mí me dijiste que ibas de viaje donde tus viejos del alma.

All while I was alone, like the sheepherder, because you told me you were travelling to meet some dear old friends.

Y ahora dices tú, que no es así, que ese era un primo que estaba allá. Que te invitó a salir, que te dió pena decir que no.

And now you tell me that wasn’t so, but this man [you were seen with] was a cousin who asked you to go out, and you just couldn’t tell him no.


Que te perdone yo, que te perdone, como si fuera yo el Santo Cachón.

[Now you ask] that I pardon you, as if I were Saint Horns.

Mira mi cara, ves, yo soy un hombre, y no hay que andar repartiendo perdón.

Look at my face, see it, I’m a man, and there's not any going around granting pardons.

Ajuiciate mama, porque el juicio, porque el juicio, muchacha ajuiciate.

Get yourself right, mama, this is my judgment. girl get it right.

Yo me iba a casar contigo; por poco meto la pata.

I was going to marry you. I almost stepped in it!

No puedo ni verte puedo hacer un disparate.

I can hardly look at you without doing something crazy.


Tu primito, si te quiere, que te exprima.

Your little "cousin", if you want to call him that, who squeezes you. (play on the word primo)

De mí no podrás quejarte porque te divertiste también.

You won’t be able to complain about me, because you had your fun.

Se que hay cosas en la vida que un hombre sale ganando cuando las deja perder.

I know there are things in life that by losing a man comes out the winner. 

Entre el cielo y la tierra, dice un dicho, que no existe nada oculto y todo se llega a saber.

Between heaven and earth, goes a saying, there is nothing hidden, and everything will be revealed.

Te pillaron, te caíste, siretón, te perdono, tendría que aguantar callado si tu lo vuelves a hacer.

You got caught, you fell, siren! If I forgive you now I’ll have to suffer in silence if you do it again.

Mujer si un día te ví, no te conozco, y si fué así ya ni me acuerdo.

Woman, if I ever see you – I don’t know you, and if I ever did, I can’t even remember.

Como dicen por ahí: a otro perro con ese hueso.

As we say, throw that bone to some other dog.


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