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Dhananjay: The Astral Connection

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Astral Effects

Q. What is the danger in people having physical relationships with the opposite sex for fun?

A. Whenever a man and woman indulge in sexual intercourse, the astral bodies (also called ‘subtle body’ or mind body) of the man and woman merge together, and forces get created in the cosmos that are fully conducive for the birth of a new child. The connection thus formed between man and woman during intercourse produces an astral, umbilical-cord-like tube in the lower astral-plane world (the appearance of this astral tube is somewhat cloud like in color, about six inches in diameter and can be clearly seen when the astral body of the person concerned is viewed by deep meditation). The tube gets thicker, stronger and denser with every repeat act of sexual intercourse.

Why has God created this astral tube?

The basic function of this tube is to ensure genuine feelings of trust, true love, affection; understanding, sacrifice and bonding are produced between a legally wedded husband and wife, though they were strangers to each other before marriage. It is through these tubes that two complete strangers who had never known each other get the feelings to stay by each other, be loyal to each other and help each other in times of need. In other words, this channel acts as the means by which the couple exchanges thoughts, ideas, feelings and in general communicates with each other at the astral level. It helps in transmitting the true and unconditional love that should exist between a husband and wife. This astral tube is really a channel through which all the ingredients necessary for a couple to stay together and form a healthy and a happy family unit flow through. It is a channel which is designed to work fine and produce wonderful results when present between the husband and wife only. Period! Its purview is limited to one man, one woman and the man and lady are none other than the husband and wife.

Effect of promiscuity:
When a man or woman has numerous affairs leading to sexual relationships with many people via casual sex, a huge population of people gets connected to one another through many ‘astral tubes’. A great mass of astral matter envelops them without their knowledge as they go from one sex partner to another. If such a person’s astral body were to be viewed through meditation, it would show N-number of astral tubes branching out to numerous people.

Now the purpose of the astral tube was to help develop a strong wedlock and form a strong family unit; but the man or woman who has multiple sex partners has no intention of settling down with any one person. All he or she is looking for is momentary sexual gratification, nothing more and nothing less. Also, most such relationships are fueled by selfish, evil motives such as manipulation, conquest, lust and a ‘Use and throw’ attitude. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the people don’t have an iota of regard, respect, concern or understanding for each other and are motivated by sheer passion and lust. There is a total absence of seeing each other as individuals and what is present is only the perspective of viewing each other as ‘objects of sex’. Once their questionable motives are sated, they desert and move on to another person thereby possibly hurting and wrecking the opposite party at the mental, emotional and psychic levels. This creates a strong ‘karmic’ reaction in the cosmos. The hurt and aggrieved person might have been promised marriage or a steady relationship and would have developed expectations regarding the same at an intense emotional and psychic level. The moment all his/ her hopes and dreams are crashed by utter betrayal resulting from the breakup, these very same hopes, affections and feelings turn into a dense mass of jealousy, bitterness, revenge and hatred. And the very ‘astral tube’ which was formed between the two and still exists strong and firm, now becomes a channel through which these negative energies flow between each other. This causes worry, fear, emotional instability and a lack of peace of mind between both the parties involved.

A person who has had multiple sexual relationships has that many ‘live’- ‘astral tubes’ with all his/her ex-partners. Each of these ‘astral tubes’ lasts for a minimum period of 12 years (from the time of the last sexual encounter, if there is no repeat encounter) and can even last a life time or many births based on its density and thickness. Even if one were to realize his mistake and take up a strict practice of Brahmacharya with a virtuous life and constant prayer to God, it would still take a minimum span of 12 years for each of the ‘astral tubes’ to disintegrate counting from the date of the last sexual encounter.

It is further to the presence of this ‘astral tube’ that telepathic messages, vibrations and longings get communicated with former partners even if a person has ceased to have all contact. If one of the ex-partner were to intensely long for the subject concerned from one part of the world, the other party gets a feeling of recollection and re-living of past thoughts and actions and may be even tempted to revert for another sexual encounter, even many years after termination of the relationship. Such is the result and power of communication accruing through formation of the ‘astral tube’. While it may appear that the people concerned have forgotten each other and moved on, they are in reality very much connected by the ‘astral tube’. A serious and very strong consequence of much gravity has occurred without their own knowledge while ‘playing’ around with the opposite sex with dishonorable intentions!

This condition of the presence of many such ‘astral tubes’ with numerous ex-partners ultimately creates great havoc and problems to both the parties at all levels and turns into the harbinger of what most people term ‘bad luck’. The ‘soul’ or the ‘Atman’ gets further cocooned by thick layers of delusion and ignorance. The negative vibrations that get created in the cosmos further to such sinful acts float around for a very, very long time. Even if such sexual encounters were carried out with mutual consent, the presence of these ‘astral tubes’ prevent the parties concerned from establishing a loving and strong relationship with the person whom they finally marry and settle down with; for the tubes would be still alive and in a mode of ‘transmission’ with former partners, akin to a live cell phone connection. They interfere and wreck the factors which go into the making of a strong man-wife relationship and can cause destruction of the resulting family unit.

For this reason, those who indulge in ‘playing’ around with multiple partners pay a heavy price for their thoughtless acts in the form of sheer misery ultimately.

Q. Why is it recommended that a man or woman stay perfect virgins and follow strict Brahmacharya till marriage?

A: The force called ‘Kundalini’ which is nothing but the net sum of all ‘Prana’ or vital energy present within, is the source of all life, energy, greatness and power within man. This power is a direct result of the conversion of sexual essence and conversely also gets dissipated by sexual activity. For the twelve to fourteen years of the period of childhood, nature keeps the sexual essence dormant and inactive externally and restricts its activity internally to help achieve full growth of the body, brain, mind and intellect of the child. This is the reason maturity or puberty onsets at adolescence and not during childhood. As soon as a virgin man or woman has had the first intercourse, sexual awareness in the person gets heightened and focuses into the external world and the man or woman become more receptive to the forces of desire. By sexual intercourse, a psychic-astral tube as discussed earlier gets created between the ‘Mooladhara chakras’ of the 2 people concerned.

If this force is contained within the purview marriage with blessings from the higher astral regions of Gods, rays similar to the ‘astral tube’ are formed between each one of the couple and astral entities such as ‘Devas’ or Gods through the higher ‘chakras’. A holy and divine state of matrimony is then considered to have been entered into. The purpose of marriage is progeny, companionship and finally self-realization. Scriptural sources state: "When a young virgin man and virgin woman marry and indulge in the sexual act with each other, their union is very strong and their marriage stable. Their astral tubes, or ‘naadis’ grow together, and they form a one body and a one mind. This is the truest marriage and the strongest, seldom ending in separation or divorce. Conversely, if the man or woman has had intercourse before marriage, the emotional/psychic closeness of the marriage will be less intense, and this will be in proportion to the extent of earlier promiscuity."

These higher astral connections with astral entities and lower astral-psychic tubes that are created between husband and wife are designed to handle the forces that exist in healthy matrimony. The tube is the basis on which healthy familial relations develop between man and wife and help them settle together. Further to parenting children, the couple can get into a life long mode of Brahmacharya and attain self realization.

The release of the sacred seed (via semen) into the woman during sexual intercourse establishes, through the first chakra or the ‘Mooladhara chakra’, the connecting psychic ‘astral tube’ which can be clearly seen on the astral plane during deep meditation. It is through this psychic tube that feelings, telepathic messages and subtle modes of communication pass between the married couple. It is by the presence of this ‘astral tube’ that we see abundant bonding, sacrifice and unconditional love between couples whose love is beyond the body and external factors. Many of these couples can exhibit knowledge on what the other person is thinking or can sense if something is wrong with the other even if they are far away from one another.

A man and a woman, who indulge in milder forms of sexual expression such as a touch, hug etc... Also establish a temporary connecting link of astral matter which penetrates their auras and covers their physical forms. It appears as a psychic mass connecting the two of them as wide as the length of their bodies. This astral matter is created further to the expulsion of emotional energies, blending their auras together. The psychic connection is powerful enough to repeatedly pull them back together or cause emotional pain if they are separated. But unless the encounter is repeated, this milder form of astral matter will wear away in a few days or a month at most, unlike the ‘astral tube’ derived from intercourse which lasts for 12 years at the least.

The scriptures state that each one of us is born in a state of brahmacharya. Upon reaching puberty, those boys and girls who remain virgins maintain their inherent state of brahmacharya. They are able to ward off, and may not even notice, many emotional and sexual temptations that would be troublesome to the non-virgin. This is because the astral shield surrounding the virgin's aura has never been penetrated. Reading a book about worldly experiences only pickles their curiosity, whereas had they established psychic, tubular connections with a member of the opposite sex as described earlier, the very same reading would stir up sexual desire at a much more intense level. Such virgins who are into brahmacharya since puberty can easily continue a life of celibacy and attain self-realization further to marriage and parenthood.

Sexual intercourse between the virgin man and woman before and outside marriage is the key that destroys this Brahmacharya. Also, all other forms of sense stimulation either via sight, smell, taste, touch or sound that fire up the sex plane lead man to the domain of self stimulation and finally actual intercourse. It is for this reason that a Brahmachari is advised to avoid anything and everything which might fire up the sex plane within him. As discussed earlier, intercourse causes an astral, umbilical-like psychic tube to form in the inner ether between the couple. It is within this psychic tube that the forces of energy and desire flow from one to another. These are the same forces between mother and father which culminate in the birth of a child and surround and protect him or her through earthly consciousness until age twenty-five. The psychic connection between the mother and father emotionally stabilizes children in the family. But if there are other ‘astral tubes’ present either in the mother or the father further to pre-marital encounters, or new ones being created with members of the opposite sex due to ongoing extra-marital encounters outside of the marriage, children suffer emotionally while growing up. The forces and vibrations resulting from the presence of ‘other tubes’ in either father or mother have a strong tendency to cause unrest, fear and confusion in the child.

It is for this reason that all religions in the true form ordain man and woman to lead a virtuous life high on morality backed by celibacy and abstain from any mode of sexual interaction with the opposite sex till marriage. This will ensure that further to marriage, they will be fully poised to develop healthy, strong and spiritual connections with each other which will in turn produce talented and virtuous offspring. After parenting children, the couple can easily revert to their earlier mode of celibacy and thereby succeed in attaining spectacular success in both the materialistic and spiritual domains. The presence of a single, unidirectional ‘astral tube’ between them awards them with the abundant tendency to fully support , understand and grow together in the spiritual life that they aim to develop and finally realize the soul or the ‘Atman’.

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