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Review of Sexual Force, or the Winged Dragon

St. George and the Dragon

Book by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986) [Wikipedia]

by nofaplife.com

I just finished reading “Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon” [publisher's link] a short book by Omraam M. Aivanhov. I found the book packed with good information. Below are some notes I’ve taken from the book. I bolded the parts that I found especially significant.

  • Love is not just in humans but everywhere: in the air, in sunlight, in water, etc. sages don’t seek it from other humans, who only have small amounts of it.
  • The fire-breathing winged dragon represents sex energy: you can let it imprison/burn you or you can harness it to fly to space. You should not kill the dragon, you should tame and control it.
  • The story of Theseus and the Minotaur deals with sexual energy.
  • Cosmic energy manifests in different ways depending on where it goes (brain, muscles, solar plexus, genitals).
  • Sex is only in the genitals while love involves the heart and brain to some degree as well.
  • Sex without love attracts bad entities that feed off the act. It results in impurities in the sex centers.
  • Having a large sex drive can be a blessing if the energy is used properly. It is like a country that has great reserves of coal or oil under the ground.
  • Regard all women as divinities, not as sex organs.
  • Simply blocking sexual energy is like making a dam without a headrace. It will burst one day and bring disaster.
  • Wallowing in debauchery or becoming an eunuch are two extremes that must be avoided. Instead, connect yourself to heaven but also work to realize the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • The amount of sexual energy you have determines your enthusiasm for life. When your sex energy is gone, you have no more desire for life.
  • Brain, heart and genitals correspond to Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  • Life is a game of energy. Humans have a limited amount of sex energy and it can be used for self improvement (becoming divine) or degradation.
  • Abstinence is not recommended for everyone. if a man doesn’t have the character to be celibate, it may be better for him to marry than to torture himself and possibly harm others.
  • Each time you have sex without love you lose an enormous amount of energy and get weaker, older, and duller. The pleasure of sex is fueled by one’s own substance.
  • The feverish excitement you feel when you are about to have sex indicates the enormous energy loss that is about to happen.
  • The sex act is like rubbing two sticks together to make fire. Most of the time, there is movement (willpower, action, strength) and warmth (heart) but light (intelligence, wisdom) rarely appears.
  • Don’t do anything for your own pleasure.
  • Love without waiting to be loved.
  • Spiritual development can be likened to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The caterpillar is a repulsive creature that feeds on leaves, which harms the trees the leaves grow on. This is similar to a person that gets nourishment by destroying other humans. The creature continues to eat and grow until one day it spins a cocoon to isolate itself (metaphor for meditation). After some time it emerges as a butterfly. The butterfly drinks nectar from flowers, similar to how an evolved soul would gain energy from human interaction in a refined and spiritual way while benefiting and not harming the other person.
  • Only a few people in millions know what true love is.
  • Sex energy is from heaven but in most people flows down to the genitals. the sage circulates it back to heaven.
  • You get sex energy to flow upward not by suppressing it but by keeping your mind on a high ideal.

Table of contents from the publisher's site:
1 - The Winged Dragon
2 - Love and Sexuality
3 - The Sexual Force is Essential for Life on Earth
4 - Pleasure:
   I - Do not Seek Pleasure for it Will Impoverish You
   II - Replace Pleasure with Work
5 - The Dangers of Tantric Yoga
6 - Love without Waiting to be Loved
7 - Love is Everywhere in the Universe
8 - Spiritual Love is a Higher Way of Feeding Ourselves
9 - A High Ideal Transforms Sexual Energy
10 - Open Your Love to a Higher Path

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