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Richard Rose 1974

Richard Rose's Letter to San Francisco Oracle

About forming a rural ashram

Published 1967, Vol. 1, No. 11

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Dear sirs or madams:

I hope this reaches you, since I do not have a more accurate address.

To be brief, I am (have been for nearly twenty years) trying to form an ashram of sorts here in West Virginia, in the rural section where I own about a half a section.

The conception is one of a non-profit, non-interfering, non‑denominational retreat or refuge, where philosophers might come to work communally together, or independently, --where a library and other facilities might be developed.

Since it shall be non-profit ... I need a bit of help in the form of cooperation ... I do not think money is needed as much as determination. I would therefore like to use your news medium to contact any sincere people doing the same line of thinking. I want to meet one, two, or any number of people who would be willing to settle here and devote some time to getting the thing started. I know of many elderly people who are heartily in favor of the project, but I feel that a nucleus of young people is somehow necessary to supply the vitality to bear this project into three-dimensional existence.

Thanking you for any contacts,

Richard Rose

R.D. 3 Moundsville, W. Va.

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Richard Rose – Letter to San Francisco Oracle, 1967

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San Francisco Oracle cover, 1967 vol 1 no 11

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