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Selections from Amrut Laya


Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Talk 5

"One who was qualityless is recognised as such. After many days He met himself." [Dasabodh Chapter 8, Section 8, verse 65]

One who was sans quality is actually myself. I am sans quality. The Meaningful got His meaning. We met ourselves after many many years. All these days, I suffered many miseries, because of having believed the outer actor as myself and having suffered millions of bondages. Though he was a king he was engrossed in begging and took pleasure in it. He thought he served his own Self, while he served a stranger. He did not know that he himself was Paramatman (Supreme Self) and he should serve Himself.

They worship a strange man. The world is a (businesslike) practical entity. That former one became untrue when he met himself after many many years. He was taking his body as himself. All the forms in the world is in our own Nature. He is Paramatman (Supreme Self). He is imminent in all, so he does not have the idea of difference. The curtain of (difference) duality was pulled away. Once he became the servant at his Master's Feet. To him, the world appears as "Soham" (I am that). And to others it appears as "Who am I."

The world is as one looks at it. One who identified himself with Brahman (Divine Self) found all as Brahman. If one becomes a Jeeva (gross body) he finds the world accordingly. "For one who is good, the world is (also) good." The ignorant one finds the world full of different entities (Forms). For the realised person "It is all One. There is no duality."

The rise of the physical eyes happens due to two (people). Therefore, duality is seen. Oneness appears to the Master's sons because they are born from One. The Master gives the third eye, "The Eye of Knowledge." Duality moved away. The veil of Maya (illusion) was pulled away on one side. Nothing appears as anything but One. The vision could see no difference. The state of being became sans difference. All that entered inside (from outside) created difference. But whatever is Truth is without difference. The five ghosts (elements) ran away. The ghost was exorcised. The bad period of seven and a half years (due to wrong position of saturn) has passed away. All the nine planets have also gone away. All ran away to their respective homes. Jeevajipant (gross body) himself vanished. A veil of dirt had come over him due to delusion. "I am the body, mean, a brahmin (upper caste)"; these ideas deluded him. Then he realised himself as Paramatman, the Supreme Self.

This monkey (who acts according to his mind) was eating fruits and flowers in the jungle. But when he met Rama, means Master, he became Maruti (God). He got that which belonged to him due to his Master's advice. All is Brahman (Divine Self). One who saw Himself, his birth and death vanished. One who sports in the senses is Rama. Concentrate on Rama -- the vital Spirit. 8.4 millions bonds of births will be cut off. If Rama knew who Rama was then why did he humble himself before Sage Vasishtha?

To see God in all beings is the bhajan (worship song for God). One who is in the heart of all is God. Otherwise, some people were caught up in customs of purity and impurity, or a rosary or repeating mantra. Thus Saint Kabir says, "Worship the ever existing God, then 8.4 million births are evaded."

Lord Rama's brother Laxman drew up a line for Rama's wife Seeta, and told her not to transgress that line. Otherwise she would be taken away by this ten faced Demon Ravana. The mind threw away the mountains of ignorance. Grossness had come which vanished when the mind thought about it and this body became 'I am that.' Due to meanness, the ignorant being had become the gross body. He transgressed over the line and became one with Paramatman. It was all Bliss.

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