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Selections from Amrut Laya


Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Talk 4

"One who is qualityless, is recognised as such. One who was meaningful, got His own meaning. After many days He met himself." [Dasabodh Chapter 8, Section 8, verse 65]

One who is Qualityless was recognised in his nature which is without quality. The One who was meaningful got His own meaning. Whatever ought to have been achieved was achieved; for achieving this they stood on their legs for years together.

Sage Vishwamitra performed austerities for sixty thousand years but was unable to become Final Reality. He who attained the knowledge -- praise be to Him who attained that status of BrahmaVetta (realised person). His parents also deserve to be praised because the family was saved, as such as son was born in it. What is the use of children like the hundred Kauravas described in the Mahabharat. There are many people who have studied millions of sciences, B.A, M.A. They are all for filling the stomach. The dogs, cats also fill their stomachs. There is no rule for them. In short: as many Jeevas (gross bodies) came, they all learnt fourteen Vidyas, 64 arts (all the worldly knowledge) -- but they should be understood as perverse arts. Others came out of a hole, cried and passed away.

Only those who make the Meaningful gets Its own meaning deserve praise. They lifted themselves and showed the path to next generations. After ten million years we met ourselves. The curtain the form of duality was taken away. The curtain of countless number of births vanished at last. The sight became divine which saw all is Brahman (Oneness). All is Lord Krishna. He alone -- One form -- has got all these mouths (faces) of elephants, monkeys, all beings, countless number of hands, feet, etc. That is called the Dnyana Drishti (looking as a knowledgeable one) -- is that I reside everywhere (in all). That is the sight which shows that he has realised.

The same is called the "Eye of Knowledge" or the "Third Eye of Lord Shiva." Not to see as separate, to see all as Existence. There is nothing except that intuitive perception (Chaitanya). He is One. There is no duality. The Jeeva (gross body) went back to his nature from where he had come. Because he has now no consciousness of the body (as separate). One who has consciousness of the body is bound. When duality ends, there is no sin or merit. There is no difficulty if our spit is kept in our own mouth. There is no sin or virtue if we swallow it because it is our own. No one calls it used up. Whatever belongs to us is all good. There is no sin nor virtue about it. We ourselves are all this, then why should there be any sin or virtue, heaven or hell?

No impurity can accrue to a man who has a understood Brahma (Oneness) thoroughly. All differences, duality vanished. The Master sent off all the six ghosts (five elements and ego) away. They were ghosts. They became gods. Water, earth, heat, air, sky and sixth ego also vanished.

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