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Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Talk 3

"One who was without quality was recognised in His qualityless nature. One who was meaningful got His own meaning. After many days He met himself." [Dasabodh Chapter 8, Section 8, verse 65]

He was Paramatman, without qualities.[1] He acquired qualities and had become miserable. He was released from birth and death after reaching Him to His original place, state. He was identified as He was originally. To honour that Paramatman for whom all that effort, scriptures and Paramartha were practised, all those methods became full of meaning. By God's grace a birth in human species was acquired. If a man acts he can become God.

[1. ]

That came to bear fruit (be successful) today. One's own nature was attained. A golden day dawned. He was satiated with the drink of the nectar of immortality. Today I reached my own home. All that labour was successful. We met ourselves after many, many years. We had missed each other. I was serving someone else taking him to be Myself. For millions of births we had missed ourselves. We were deluded. That delusion has gone away and He became Paramatman.

He was giving service and behaving as a donkey in the form of a body. Taking the body for Self he was nursing it. In this way he wasted his whole birth. This is night in the form of ignorance -- which is to labour for the donkey in the form of a body for the whole life and then get born in the other various species. This ignorance is responsible for not allowing us to be aware, and this human birth is to get rid of such ignorance. Poor fellow, he does not get any time during the "night". This is itself the forgetting of one's own nature. Call it night or ignorance, that is the source of our misery.

For example, some friends of a retarded man made him drink a lot of liquor and seeing him completely intoxicated the other friends, according to what they had decided before, started crying aloud and spoke to the intoxicated man thus:

"What can we do when we see your condition, we feel so sad. Just a few minutes back we had gone to your house when we saw that your wife has become a widow." As soon as he heard this the drunken man started howling and crying, and when other people asked him, he said his wife had become a widow. "A mountain of misery has come down crushing me." Then they explained to him, "Oh man! how can your wife become a widow while you are alive? You being alive and your wife becoming a widow, are these two not contradictory things?" The drunkard, however, said, "No, no, you people do not understand anything. My friends recently had gone to my house, and they saw with their own eyes that my wife has become a widow." Then all his friends had a good laugh at his stupidity.

This ridiculous scene is not presented only in the case of the drunkard but such a blatant mistake is made by every human being. Without making use of their brain they look through the other people's eyes. Let others say any thing. My Self is pure and changeless, it is the light of all lights. It is impossible that it perishes at any time. He is of the nature of Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, and is a Witness of all. Yet, even if this is so, we say, "How can we achieve happiness?" in such a pitiable way! And we pray for God's mercy thinking that we are caught up in a big calamity. We rub our nose before God and slap our own face. We even blurt out the words "We are mean insects."

Yet this sort of situation is not at all proper. Find out the goal of your life and try to experience your Self. Take out that wrong feeling that you are mortal, which you have created for yourself because you are intoxicated due to the drink called "ignorance" and stand up with confidence in Self. Turn within. Do not entertain fear about anything. Eradicate completely the mental modification which goes out. Actually, if one thinks of one's nature (who am I, or what am I) there is no one as great as you are. Have self-confidence. Make that thought "I am Paramatman" steady within yourself. You will surely never fail to cross the ocean of this mundane existence. See only through the sight of Self. Do not look through other people's eyes. All the relations are ready to fool you.

Never mind the body while practising this. One may also have to climb on a pike (going to the gallows). "I am a witness of this body." Let the body stay or go, my heart is at the "Feet of Panduranga (Master)." Go on contemplating on this and intuitive perception is sure to come. When one is practising this there are many obstacles in this way. For example. There are seventeen hundred difficulties if a girl with a flat nose has to get married.

Ignorant corpses are only moving about in the whole world. Life in ignorance is like death. Who is eating? All this service for whom? You do not know. He serves six ghosts (5 elements and ego). This body was given all various kinds of service till its death and the whole life was wasted. After death according to Hindu customs the body and bones burn as a collection of wood, the hair burn as a bundle of grass. Those who were looking started weeping. This (dead one) man says, "Are you free from this (fate)? Because you behave as I did." Even if the toilet is cleaned thoroughly it is still a toilet. World means living corpses. There is no idea of one's own nature. They serve this body, and take along with them a bundle of sins and virtue. This is worldly existence of an ignorance person. But when he knows Himself, and leaves off the pride that he is the body, then, immediately he meets Himself. Then all his actions have borne fruit.

According to the Hindus, the ancestors keep waiting. The last of the seventy two generations has achieved, so they are happy. These mean thirty-six ancestral generations of mother and thirty-six of the father. One who has redeemed them was born to be one who knew his Self. That is the reason why, when a son is born they distribute sweets.

It is impossible to describe the glory of Self-knowledge. Human life is meaningful because it is given with a purpose to achieve Self-knowledge. When that has been achieved it has indeed become fully meaningful. Its purpose has been served. For example, there are nine hundred thousand stars but it is only the moon that shines brightly. The sun rises, the rain falls, because there is only one who knows Brahman. It is for the sake of that knower; therefore, there is no limit to his merit. Along with the position of the Immortal One he also gets a throne of Almighty.

Now let that happen which happens. Let whatever was going, go, the last doubt is eradicated. We have to live a few days. Let us pass the days playfully in joy, then let this body die on a bed or on ground. Because wherever the diamond is placed it is sure to shine, may be on the hand, in the neck, in the eye [?]. This Paramatman in the form of Brahman will likewise remain happy whatever the situation. The conviction should not shake. "If the conviction is steadfast on Truth, then even on the path of knowledge, strength can be gained."

That body, which has the knowledge of Self in it, will perforce emit light. But there should be that one strong conviction: "I am the Lord (who exists), I am the Lord (who pervades)." All that ought to have been achieved He has achieved.

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