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Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Talk 2

"When the objective knowledge ends, the seer does not survive as a seer. At that time the pride of "I" (ego) just melts away." [Dasabodh Chapter 6, Section 10]

An aspirant invariably faces the question "Shall we continue to run our household or shall we leave it altogether?" Whether one runs a household or leaves it, it accounts to nothing. There is no use in wearing a Holi bail leaf (Tulsi) garland around the neck and yet have a rush of anger in the heart. If one is not attentive to one's inner self, what is the use of the saffron colored robe? Alright, the trees, the tigers, the beasts and the birds do not run a household; does this means that they have become saints? What is the use if one is not attentive to one's inner self? One should be alert. The objective knowledge should prove to be untrue. All the affairs we are conducting in the world should prove themselves to be untrue and that which has been taken as untrue should be experienced as Truth.

What is the use if one is not detached internally? The attitude must change. To know that all this (moving, manifest, mundane existence) is false is an act of great bravery. One should be detached within oneself. Once one learns how not to get involved or how to renounce, one then gets the experience. In whatever circumstances or state one is in, one should be detached. Live as you like but renounce internally.

Objects are untrue. One must turn the attitude of the mind away from them and cultivate the attitude that the Self is Brahman. Even if we consider the existing body of five elements as benign, still we know that they are dangerous. Even when one thinks that it is only the Self that can bring happiness, the great illusion (Maya) tempts one and brings him or her back to the former condition. It is only when one becomes steady in Brahman with body, speech and mind can one achieve this knowledge. One can do anything, adorn oneself with gold, wear expensive garments, but the Guru's grace comes to him alone who considers all this as untrue. If one is not truly renounced, all the efforts become futile.

One may wear gold, silver, a wire of brass or very expensive garments, yet there is no hope of getting joy from this life. A human being can never get peace. The Self only talks of the Truth and behaves the same way with its body, speech and mind. If one thinks "I am the body", then he will talk of the body alone. As is the flower, so is it's fragrance.

Even when you are in this world, you should be as if you are not there. For Brahman all are equal, whether it is a mundane existence or a forest. When you are not, how can the mundane existence be there? Live as you please but change your attitude. Then all is over. A true devotee of Lord Krishna named Chokamela was a butcher and used to live with a bone in his hand. You may eat good purified food, but what are you going to do with your mental modifications? You must become Brahman and feel that all objects are untrue; your ego should not be there. Then truly you have become Brahman.

There is nothing else than Brahman. Only one's attitude has to change. This is an indication of renunciation. In sleep when there is no world, a king and a pauper are equal. When you leave the world at night as in sleep, how much do you feel happy. On that side, you do not need a world, a house, a job or a wife. When alone, one is all bliss. When you think that you have a lot of things to do, you become miserable. When we have nothing to do, what is there to worry about? So, be happy. One who has a duty to perform is a labourer. Even if he is a king or a god he has to labor.

Saints must show compassion. One who is desireless is the God of all gods. Be desireless at least once. This can happen only when you ridicule this world and feel that it is untrue. Take your mind off this world and fix it on the Self. The objects are untrue and Brahman is the Truth. When you make this attitude your own, you are through. Then you are at liberty to live as you will.

One who cannot dance finds the ground uneven, but one who wants the knowledge of the Self will somehow get it. Prahlada, a great devotee of Lord Narayana, was ordered not to take the name of God by his father. Prahlada told his father, "You may be the owner of my body, yet you have no control over my mind". If you are very busy, identify your mind with Brahman and perform the duty. Then the duty also becomes Brahman. The intellect has to metamorphose. Mentally say, "I am Ram (consciousness)". Then whatever you do becomes Ram (consciousness). Leave the idea "I am so and so", and become the pervader of the whole universe.

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