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Norbu Chen 1974

Russ Michael: Norbu Chen's Healing of Berenadene Villanueva

Norbu Chen at Dallas Convention Center

June, 1974

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[The event described below was undated in the chapter. However, the date June 1974 is given in Mr. Michael's Secret Science of White Magic Amazon.Com as follows: "My lovely dear friend and former coworker, Bernadene Villanueva from Tampa, Florida, was healed of a serious and lifelong heart ailment by Dr. Norbu Chen. Dr. Chen performed this magical instant healing in June 1974 in an auditorium at the Dallas Convention Center that seats over 5,000 people as a huge, astounded crowd watched in amazement. That very real miracle was observed by me from a front row seat and was confirmed on the spot by two attending local Dallas doctors."]

Autobiography of An Initiate—On the Path to Immortality

By Russ Michael

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a.k.a. Autobiography of AN IMMORTAL, by Michael I AM, 2006

Chapter 45, beginning page 242 of pdf linked above.

Huge Audience Views Miracle Healing At My Huge Dallas Psychic Arts Fair

[Note, this is a brief extract from the chapter, staying relevant to the subject of Norbu Chen. However, providing context, a significant portion of the author's presentation has to do with generally fantastical or imagined events, such as the presence of extraterrestrial beings in the audience who had taken an interest in him. This and other detail are delivered enthusiastically in a language reminiscent of PT Barnum.]

The years 1970 through 1974 had generated a whirlwind of spiritual activity and soul fulfilling productivity on many personal and public fronts in my life. The great acceptance and success of three printings of 5,000 copies each of Why & How of Meditation and huge sales of my bestseller book, Finding Your Soulmate, written and published in late 1970, opened the doors wide for me across all of America to many radio and TV talk show guest appearances. There would be well over 500 of them in due time.

< ... >

I was giving a series of Soulmate lectures to packed Silva Mind-Control crowds over an entire weekend. I planned to set up an immense first-of-its-kind psychic art and sciences fair in Dallas three months later so I asked each successive audience in the Dallas area for 70 volunteers to help me set up the gala event.

I explained that I had already arranged to rent the entire Dallas Convention Center for this event. At that time, it was billed as the largest convention center in the nation. My contract included dozens of lecture rooms, an immense indoor open space area for New Age booths and psychic readers, and a public auditorium that seated 5,000 easily.

< ... >

In addition, over 30 to 40 other key speakers from all around the world and our USA, including famed past life reader Patricia Diegel from Hawaii; Bernadine Villanueva, the top known psychic of the day, featured almost weekly in the National Enquirer; and world famed healer, Dr. Norbu Chen. All of these powerful, well-known Lightweavers had already agreed to sign contracts with me for their appearance at this massive event.

< ... >

Meanwhile, the "Dallas Psychic Arts & Sciences Fair" (its official title) gained momentum daily. Thanks to my two highly proficient and capable hired assistants who were both dedicated to make our Dallas fair one of the biggest and best ever, I had my 70 volunteers before I left for my two-month tour. When the colossal seven day, nonstop event unfolded, everything and everyone was in place and everything happened with perfect timing.

The local media, radio and TV station crews promised to be on hand, as well as reporters from the National Enquirer and other national weekly magazines and local newspaper reporters. During the seven days of the conference, speakers would be talking on the hour from as early as 7 a.m. until as late as 10 p.m. daily in at least 11 different lecture rooms.

Internationally known key speakers like Noel Street, Hans Holzer, Dr. Norbu Chen, Patricia Diegel and Dr. Baker or me (the sole founder of the event) would give our presentations in the huge auditorium that seated an audience of 5,000. Many of the speakers were also conducting 1-day, 2-day, and up to 4-day personal workshops during the seven day period. It was a tremendously exciting, uplifting and jubilant affair and was the first in the nation of that spiritual tenor, scope and size.

Two events occurred at this Dallas fair that were outstanding. The first occurred before Dr. Norbu Chen conducted his spectacular and very miraculous healing on stage in the huge auditorium. Pat and I had seated ourselves in our reserved seats in the front row off the center aisle. Soon I would be going on stage to introduce my spiritual brother, Dr. Norbu Chen, to the audience. We had preplanned that Dr. Moore, my hired expert Master of Ceremonies, would call me on stage to make that personal, important introduction.

< ... >

Before I could get past the first few words I heard Bill Moore, the Master of Ceremony, announce to the now large and eagerly awaiting audience – "Dr. Michael, founder of this event, is going to tell us a little about our scheduled guest and then personally introduce him to us. Let's give him a big hand!"

It was time for me to be on stage. I quickly stuffed the two notes in my suit jacket inner pocket and quickly strode up the stairs on stage. After the applause quieted down, I told the audience what an extraordinary internationally known healer and Lightworker and true spiritual brother that Dr. Norbu Chen was. On cue, Dr. Norbu Chen glided to my side on stage. He stood beaming at my side as I introduced him to the crowd. The audience greeted him with thunderous applause in a long, rousing loud welcome.

I will finish the rest of the Dr. Norbu Chen sensational miracle story in a moment.

< ... >

Now back to the astounding miracle healing performed by Dr. Norbu Chen.

As soon as Dr. Norbu Chen was introduced, two M.D. doctors were brought on stage and their credentials given by Bill Moore, Master of Ceremonies. Both doctors were known locally and nationally for their expertise in heart surgery so their credentials were unquestionable. Known for her many published and astoundingly accurate predictions, the then nationally famous psychic Bernadine Villaneuva was brought on stage, assisted by two male nurses.

Both Bernadine and her husband, Ernie V., had hosted my workshops at their spiritual church in Florida often, so I knew her well. We were close friends. Bernadine, who was deathly sick, agreed to come to the convention only when I promised that if she would appear on stage, I would ask Dr. Norbu Chen, famous for his miracle healings, to perform a miracle healing on her dangerous, life-threatening heart condition.

When Bernadine came onstage in a wheelchair with her two male nurses and was introduced, the crowd clapped wildly. Almost everyone in the audience knew who she was. Bernadine literally looked like death warmed over. Her face was ashen grey. She indeed appeared to be thin, wan and deathly sick.

The two doctors wasted no time bringing on their equipment. They took precise measurement tests of the condition of her heart. I definitely wanted the before and after health conditions of Bernadine's heart duly tested and recorded by the best local heart doctors we could find to test her. After concluding a quick series of tests done openly on stage, with many cameras and tape recorders rolling, the two doctors took turns announcing their specific results and their personal professional prognosis of the patient's condition on stage.

Bill Moore, Master of Ceremonies, then asked the two doctors to tell the audience in laymen's terms what their tests had revealed. Both took turns explaining that, in brief, Bernadine not only had a severely large heart valve leak, but that in their professional opinion she could have a heart attack and die at any moment.

When Bill asked if there was hope of her recovering soon, both agreed that other than a miracle, her healthful recovery did not appear likely or even possible.

Bill conferred with the two heart specialists and found that they were fully satisfied with their tests. Both had publicly agreed that a healthful recovery by Bernadine would indeed be a genuine miracle. Bill then asked them to take their nearby seats on stage. Both doctors, of course, wanted to be seated where they could closely watch the healing ceremony.

I had advertised that Bernadine's soon to be conducted miracle healing by Dr. Norbu Chen could be seen publicly before the eyes of everyone present, including the camera lenses from local TV stations, whose cameras were now rolling non-stop.

Meanwhile, dressed in a silk yellow-golden robe, Dr. Chen had been seated silently to one side of the stage in a quiet inner meditation. In a semicircle around him was his personal entourage of about 15 oriental chelas (students) who accompanied him everywhere on his worldwide tours.

Bill Moore asked Dr. Norbu Chen if he was ready. He nodded a silent yes then arose slowly. He walked in a calm gliding flow to the center of the stage where Bernadine was seated.

The two of them were now both center stage where everyone in the auditorium could clearly see them, including all cameras. The two very orthodox doctors were seated nearby, peering closely at the proceeding. They were surely wondering along with the rest of us what would happen next. This was the first miracle healing by Dr. Norbu Chen that I, and almost everyone else attending this event, had witnessed.

Norbu stood upright and silent for almost a full minute about two feet from Bernadine, who still sat wearily in her wheelchair. He was looking deep into her eyes as if he was seeing or tuning in to her problem or vibratory nature. He said nothing. The suspense grew. The entire auditorium became hushed and intensely silent.

Norbu then spoke in a clear, well-modulated voice in perfect English. He asked weak, wan, obviously pale and sickly Bernadine Villanvueva to stand up as straight as she could before him. He stated that he wanted her to stand with her spine straight and her shoulders back if she could and would as that would help him to expedite his healing prana work.

Bernadine, helped by her male nurses, struggled to her feet, weakly and slowly drawing herself up to her full, lean, tall straight height. She slowly straightened her spine and held her shoulders back as far as she could. All of us could see she was trembling greatly in the process.

Norbu turned to the crowd and asked for absolute silence while he conducted and completed a final and most vital part of his healing ceremony.

He then backed away from Bernadine, allowing about seven feet distance between them, and raised both hands high up overhead. The huge auditorium was silent enough to hear the proverbial pin drop.

Dr. Chen stood before his greatly ailing patient, who was still trembling, but ready and eager for her miracle healing.

Norbu took a series of very several very deep breaths. Suddenly he emitted an incredibly loud, almost ear-shattering, eerie shout that echoed and reverberated to the roof of the auditorium. At that same moment, he threw both upraised hands toward the midsection of Bernadine's body. His hands must have been charged with a mighty load of "chi" or healing prana.

Both Pat and I, and many others, were watching intently. We both saw a sudden flash of violet blue light arc from Norbu Chen's hands and impact Bernadine squarely in the region of her heart. Norbu's ear-splitting, shattering shout was in perfect synchronicity with his pitching of that flashing bolt of energetic etheric blue light into her formerly wan and weak heart.

The astounding public miracle everyone hoped for, especially Bernadine, was immediately obvious to her and all the rest of us who stared in absolute shocked wonder. The entire huge crowd let out a loud gasp. The desired and prayed for miracle had happened right before our eyes!

In one flashing instant, a very sick, weakly and pale Bernadine had suddenly transmuted and transformed into a vibrantly alive, healthy energetic being before our unbelieving (or believing) eyes.

The mighty, loud gasp from the amazed, almost dazed crowd turned from a long moment of shocked silence into a storm of loud clapping and shouting by all or most of us very wide-eyed spectators. All present, including Pat and me, rose to our feet, clapping louder and louder. Tears were flowing from the eyes of most of us in the auditorium. It was a healing miracle of the highest order - never to be forgotten by any of us who witnessed it "in the flesh."

The next edition of the National Enquirer featured an entire front-page photo of Norbu Chen throwing his bolt of energy into Bernadine with large bold headlines proclaiming a "Miracle Cure." The local major TV and radio stations, then not monitored or censored concerning UFOs or genuine documented spiritual miracles, gave vivid colorful accounts of Bernadine's miracle healing. The entire teeming city of Dallas and vicinity was getting a huge "wake up" call.

After about five minutes of unending applause and shouts, Bill Moore finally quieted the greatly excited crowd. He asked the two stunned doctors who stood watching agape with unbelieving eyes, to please perform their tests on the now radiant Bernadine's heart again and to kindly give all of us present a report on their findings.

Within minutes both doctors, shaking their heads in wonder, conducted a thorough examination of a now smiling and weeping, seemingly vitally healthful Bernadine. The massive crowd had tears in their eyes. The two doctors said as miraculous as it appeared, all tests indicated that against all odds Bernadine's heart was now healthy and strong. Her heart was actually in unexplainable perfect condition.

< ... >

[ end ]


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