Norbu Chen

"Tibetan" Healer

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Norbu Chen 1974

Interview with JoAnn Parks

According to this interview, Norbu Chen treated JoAnn Parks' daughter for bone cancer; after this, Mrs. Parks worked for Norbu Chen until his death, which according to an email from her was in 1977.

MAX, the Original Ancient Crystal Skull

By Debbie Smoker, R.Ht.
(June/July 95 issue, New Avenues)

Only the information directly related to Norbu Chen is presented here.

The entire article can be seen here: [website disappeared, but pdf is still available]

Full text: Opens 7 page PDF file

Also see article in Huffington Post, dated June 13, 2011 [misspelling as Norbu "Chin"]

"Max" [a crystal skull] was given to JoAnn and Carl Parks by a Tibetan red hat lama named Norbu Chen. I recently spoke with JoAnn about Max and I was impressed with her honesty, humility and integrity. It struck me immediately that she is not out for personal attention or sensationalism. She is a kind woman with a great sense of humor, who had the courage to do what the Universe has asked of her. This is what she told me:

Debbie: How do you know Norbu Chen?

JoAnn: We met Norbu through our family medical doctor in 1973. At the time, we really didn't know who he was or what he did. Norbu needed some work done on his home, so our doctor recommended my husband who is in the custom furniture manufacturing business. After working on his house for about two months, my husband picked up a magazine and saw Norbu's picture in it with an article titled Norbu Chen, Tibetan Healer. [Apparently the Fate Magazine artice.] We were amazed! I then asked my husband to introduce me to Norbu because our daughter was dying of bone cancer and the doctors had only given her three months to live. When I met Norbu and touched his hand, I knew instinctively that there was something extraordinary about this man. I learned that he had been back in the United States for some time practicing his ancient Tibetan healing methods. I asked all about his work. He told me that be needed someone to answer phones and to tell his patients how to prepare their bodies to the healing energies that would go to the acupuncture points and meridian points of the body. Without really realizing what the next seven years had in store for me, I offered to help him. Norbu did work with my daughter and she lived three more years, far longer than the three months we had been told to expect. All I knew was that he was helping people and that's what mattered.

Debbie: I think it was obvious that you were destined to meet.

JoAnn: Well I hadn't even been into metaphysics, didn't work with crystals, and never heard of crystal skulls. It was like walking out of a closet into a whole new world. Norbu had an office in the same building as our family doctor. He had to use a lot of strong mind power and breath probe. He completely immerses into our being in the healing rooms. But he had to make a lot of loud noises. This disturbed people in other offices, so Norbu built a room onto his home and moved his office there.

I was totally unprepared for what I saw the first time I walked in. From floor to ceiling, the room was entirely red. Norbu now wore red and black robes rather than conventional clothing, and I wondered what I had gotten myself into. He then showed my husband and I his altar which held several ancient artifacts on it, including a 400 year old musical instrument and the crystal skull which were gifted to him by the Guatemalan shamans in Central America. He never did tell me much about the skull.

Norbu founded the Chakpori Ling Healing Foundation in Texas. I witnessed many miracles there and was eventually allowed to go down and watch some of the healing ceremonies. I didn't realize at the time that this was a very, great honor. I never read anything about the crystal skull, but the monks talked to it and chanted to it in Tibetan and claimed they communicated with it. They would tap into the energy of the skull and run it through the meridian of the patients' body to assist their healings. So they used it as their spiritual and healing tool.

_____ and and I were very close to Norbu and before he died [1977], Norbu told us nothing about the skull except that it was a rare and special crystal and that only a few of them exist in the world today. He said, "Take this, and one of these days you will know what it is for and about."

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