Pine Needles

Joseph Sadony

Published 1960

Joseph Sadony at 83

Title Page

From The Valley of the Pines
by Joseph A. Sadony

A collection of cryptic, intriguing "Needles" from The Valley of the Pines and Joseph A. Sadony, former Assistant Editor of our magazine, which have mentally pricked our readers for many years through the pages of our magazine. Many requests have been received to have them gathered together in book form. In response to these requests we have assembled what we consider the sharpest, most pithy "Needles" from among the harvest garnered throughout the years. They are full of uplift, encouragement and inspiration. Each "Needle" is a thought-provoker – affording inspiring reading in the morning when awakening, stimulating uplift and comfort at any brief moment during the day, and relaxing, quieting concepts to be taken along in spiritual consciousness during the night. We hope you will enjoy them.

– The Great School of Natural Science

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