Pine Needles

Joseph Sadony

Published 1960

Joseph Sadony at 83

Part 8

It is better and safer to shape and build your cocoon with own hands and material,
Instead of borrowing from your thoughtless neighbor
Who not only needs his own material but gives you what is unfit for your protection –
Providing you expect the wings to carry you from the blossom of achievements to the fruits of understanding.

Because you think you have no chance to make good,
Don't give up;
For who told you that anyone was better than you are
If you did not make comparison
With someone you thought greater than you?
Why not let them
Really compare their achievements with yours
And see where you stand?
And then, if they were in your place,
Where really is the goal
That you both are traveling for?
Just wait until you both get inside
Of the bright lights of the City,
And let's see the paces of both of you.
That is the time you make your speed.
And there are more country miles than city miles.
So come on and "click."

Forget past failures by remembering future possibilities.

We are just what we are
And can make ourselves what we intend to
If our intentions are sincere.
A man without a want
Is a ship without a rudder or compass.
And a man with a real want
Has already sensed
The laurel leaves of Victory;
Has already inhaled the fragrant rose
Of the seed he is about to plant.
And if I am able to do this,
Then every human being is able to do likewise
For we are all constituted alike.
We all possess the seven prismatic colors with which to paint
We all possess the seven notes of music
So that we may sing and hear.
We all live through the seven epochs of
Seven years each of life.
And we labor six days in the week, to rest
Upon the seventh.
And we sit outdoors after a terrific storm
To behold the rainbow of seven colors
That tries to teach us of its message
Which was created for man and woman alone.
How futile it would be for an artist to create
A masterpiece with a primary color lacking;
For a musician to interpret life
With only three notes.
And it is thus with those who have failed.
They have failed to find
And make use of the seven opportunities
Which they possess.

Intuitive people think the same thoughts. It is neither coincidence nor telepathy when two radios, attuned to the same broadcast, play the same tune.

We have no right to starve our emotions.
We have need of them all
If only to counteract certain resultant evils.
But if you would succeed as you should
Be sure to hire a caretaker
For each emotion that manifests itself
Above normal.

Most people seldom drink from their own springs of Inspiration.
They drink from their neighbor's stagnant pool of waste,
Allowing their own spring of running water
The water of life – to dry up.
Our own spring of water
Will flow only when we use the water
And when the mouth of the spring is kept clean
And clear of debris.
By wrong thinking we merely exist.
By right thinking we drink of the pure waters of life.

When a good soldier kneels to pray
Before the battle,
He does not expect God's legions
To fight his battle.
He expects to be inspired
By the sense of justice
And then, himself, to do the fighting
That is required of him.

It is well to endure a little sorrow, to give birth to pity, sympathy, mercy, charity and love.

Sit down and meditate; from within, a new world shall be born – in place of what you have been forced to accept.

I would rather make keys to unlock doors
Than locks to lock them.
The man who locks up riches is in danger of losses always.
He who makes keys can look forward to profits.
He encourages production, honesty, circulation and progress.
The man who locks up riches, does so only for self-gratification,
Which encourages men to become dishonest, covetous, selfish and criminal.
If we think we have the most perfect metal, or organization, and hoard it up,
How can there be improvements?
If preventive measures are used, why not encourage even the beggar to give up his mental secrets to mankind,
Instead of making a criminal of him by discouragement.
Give every man a chance, and he will make or break himself,
And not be only a beggar,
But either a man or nothing at all.

Many a child is lost on the broad sea of life by the mother's selfish love,
Depriving her child of that compass of free action and search for self-reliance,
That only means wreckage or slavery when that mother passes on with that compass – her child's individuality.

Man, in idleness, makes food for his master,
Losing sight of its mission
Which, far from being ornamental,
Is to be a necessity in his activity.

Is it not gratifying to rest?
But how can one enjoy rest if he is not tired?
How become honestly tired without labor?
And why labor without reward?
And how can one accept reward without earning it,
When it must he paid for in full?

Try to live so that the unseen world may have more respect for you than those who flatter you, in order to forget your virtues and make you forget their sins.

If indeed the sparrows's fall is recorded
Then the prayer of a child of God
Will surely reach on High
And be answered,
Even though the answer comes
At the pace of a snail.

It is the green lithe limb that bends before the wind of adversity.
When the proud, stiff limb refuses, and is torn off.

When I go into a church, I make-believe the Master is there.
And then I don't ask him for anything.
I thank him for what I have.

Are things worthwhile?
Then make yourself a part of those things with which you wish to be identified.
And they cannot exist with you.

Condemnation, ridicule and envy are always made use of
In trying to prevent a real man from climbing the ladder of success.

It is often your superfluous energy that gets you into trouble:
Your extra money to gamble, into problems.
So make good use of it by controlling the impulse of extravagance, waste, and mere chance.

It is as we cast our bread upon the waters
That counts,
And not the returns we expect to get.
We are paid for each kind act or deed,
The gold is at the end of the rainbow.
But think not at all of the earnings,
Beware of spiritual greed.
And in a mad race let us not dissipate
Our strength indiscreetly
And be prevented from furthering the greater work.
Some are called to be sheep,
Some are called to be shepherds,
Some hunger – others feed.
But though we are asked for bread,
We must also eat and drink
That our strength may sustain us
To fulfil the law of evolution
And that we may tread the road
Leading to Eternity.
And then will the rainbow
Be a halo about the head
Of a Child of God.


[ the end ]

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