Pine Needles

Joseph Sadony

Published 1960

Joseph Sadony at 83

Part 4

Never climb a mountain that reaches nowhere
And which is more difficult to descend
Than ascend.
The reward of curiosity
Is but to forfeit energy
That might have furthered happiness
And brought joy.
If you have no interest in life,
Reserve your smallest strength
In silence, solitude and rest,
And there will be revealed to you
Your work,
That thoughtlessness and wrong environment
Hid from you.
There is nothing on earth that has life
That does not strive to enlarge,
Beautify, and perpetuate itself
Through desire, vanity and love.

A chosen shepherd should,
And must know of the wolves' habits
As much as what is for the welfare
Of his sheep.
Only then is he a good shepherd.

There is greater virtue in charity shown by the poor than rich, because of the effort made to relieve distress in the presence of want.

Men may organize the strongest fraternity in the world,
Still Destiny's "fate" orders an individual accounting of each official.
None are exempt from judgement, penalty or reward.
As long as someone shall exceed him,
Facts shall be made known, good or evil, gain or loss.
For when we go to our long sleep,
Everything of material value will be emptied from the pockets we have worn;
Cash or bonds, worthless or of great value.
So why not do something that will last,
Without regret in the barter of brains and willpower,
So there can be no loss or sorrow
For having done just that thing
That will outlast your name.
Is it so great to have been,
To have had, but not held?
A common thief can steal and hold the scepter of a king.
So hold only that which is becoming and profitable.
It can be done!

He who strives for Truth,
Though he be ever so great a liar,
Will some time shed his coat
And marvel at his own cleanliness.
No one can strive for an Ideal
Unless God has already planted the seed.
One's ideals advertise one's possibilities.
Be a man, or woman, ever so bad,
There is someone who will recognize
Manhood in him
And an Angel in her.

Don't ever try to force intuition, if you expect the truth. You can only be impressed by it. You cannot influence or govern it for it comes to you only according to your worthiness, and your ability to receive it.

If we wish to make a masterpiece we must have the concept in mind first and then materialize it.
If we use the hardest marble, the best tools, the work will endure though the labor be strenuous.
Under the law of compensation it will pay...
So with thought!
It is only by deep thinking that we crystalize monuments of endeavors.
If we govern thought it means all desires granted.
Should we realize that attention and concentration upon a given desire will bring the result, discord and sorrow will be lessened
But always, must we think our own thoughts, and not those of another.
For it is by our own individual thought that we evolve toward perfection.
It is not by the thoughts of others.
They come to us as echoes, which do record in the Soul's memory as our own.
They are reflections, moon-beams, light that passes us by, and is reflected back to us...
Thoughts are things that record within the Soul as sound upon the record of a victrola.
They are echoes of vibration.
They are irritants to the Soul, as light is to the optic nerve, sound to the inner ear...
How many people really know how to think?
I see most minds become stimulated by emotion – by objects the eye sees, by feelings of pain, loss or possession.
Few men give thought full sway.
Few broaden out and allow higher influences to stimulate their actions.
Few think to make room for new thoughts, new ideas, and things...
It is not so much what a man thinks, as how he thinks and what he is capable of thinking...
Watch a crowd.
Observe the expression on the faces of the people, their actions.
And you will know what thoughts animate them.
You will also know whence they came, and whither they are going.

I have found that we are not tested
For the day only.
The real test comes in years alone.
We pray in the morning
And expect our reward at night,
While the prayer has not yet reached the ceiling
Of our dwelling.
The seed of prayer lives eternally,
And is not governed by seconds.
Often when we pray for something
And the prayer is barely strong
Enough to stand alone,
It will be carried in the arms
Of an Angel to the Master.
And when the creator of this prayer
Has lived his mortal life,
And passes away,
An answer to his prayer
Will be delivered to his children
After his death
As a recognition from God.

No matter how great or important
Is your work,
Be not blind to the smallest things.
For without them, nothing great
Is permanent.
It is the fibers that hold
Together the strongest oak,
Where then is strength?

He who builds a world of his own
Need never leave it for pleasure.
For the entire world outside
Will try to enter
To keep him company.

It is better to master the language of your own efficiency, so you may the better recognize and read your own milestones, than to lose time in deciphering those of your neighbor whose identity lies far from your own.

There are those who must dig and find gold,
Those who cast and shape it,
And those who chase and engrave it for others to wear
Thus also must there be Thinkers
Who are inspired to find ideas,
For others to write them,
And still others to express them
For others to use and become happy in the possession of.

Many a man would accomplish more in life
If he did not wait
For the approval or flattery of friends.
For when they stop,
Efforts do likewise.
Better that he compete with himself,
As he would in playing solitaire.

A man who excuses
Or defends a lie
Tells two of them.
He who preaches
And does not live it,
Preaches falsely,
No matter what his sermon may be.
He who sets a pace
Must keep it up.
Or he will be crushed by those behind
Who are kept pacing.

Often your thoughts, like your muscles, become tired. Change them, and you will find complete rest and rejuvenation.

Don't be a too self-confident, arrogant student in your classroom.
Remember that he who gave birth to your lessons
Had to earn his discoveries by hard labor, sacrifices, and acknowledgments.
So don't glory in your education
At the price of the humiliation of one
Who has not your opportunities to learn in contented, ideal surroundings.
You may have to test and prove your findings
In the place where they were born.

Anger may generate courage.
It may also leave cruelty in its place.
Ambition and desire are fire under a steam boiler,
Powder in a rifle,
Without which there can be no successful purpose.

The noblest thoughts and achievements
Are those created when the human heart works in unison
With its Creator.

He who is wise has a right to judge,
But will not.
He who is ignorant has no right
But does, unwisely.
Therefore, why judge?
It is but to admit or betray
Shortcomings or vices.

One often arrives at a blank wall
And failing to look up,
One does not see the ladder hanging from on high.

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