The Great Secret or Occultism Unveiled

by Éliphas Lévi

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This work is the author's testament; it is the most important, and the final, treatise by him on the occult sciences.

It is divided into three books:

Book One

The Hieratic Mystery or the traditional documents of High Initiation.

(Published as The Book of Splendours.)
See 127-page pdf:

Book Two

The Royal Mystery or the Art of Subduing the Powers.

[In 12 chapters]

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Book Three

The Sacerdotal Mystery or the Art of being served by Spirits.

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This treatise needs neither introduction nor preface. The author's previous works are more than sufficient to serve as both preface and introduction.

Here is the last word on occultism and it is written as clearly as it has been possible for us to write it.

Ought this volume to be published? Can it be published? We have borne these questions in mind while writing it; but we believed that we should and could write it.

If real initiates are still to be found somewhere in the world, it is for them we have written it, and to them alone belongs the right to judge us.

September 1868.

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