At The Feet of the Master

by Alcyone

(attrib. J. Krishnamurti)


Foreword by Krishnamurti at age 14 *

* See the Wikipedia article re attribution to Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti at age 15
Krishnamurti at 15

These are not my words; they are the words of the Master who taught me. Without Him I could have done nothing, but through His help I have set my feet upon the Path. You also desire to enter the same Path, so the words which He spoke to me will help you also, if you will obey them. It is not enough to say that they are true and beautiful; a man who wishes to succeed must do exactly what is said. To look at food and say that it is good will not satisfy a starving man; he must put forth his hand and eat. So to hear the Master's words is not enough; you must do what He says, attending to every word, taking every hint. If a hint is not taken, if a word is missed, it is lost forever; for He does not speak twice.

Four qualifications there are for this pathway:

1. Discrimination

2. Desirelessness

3. Good conduct

4. Love

What the Master has said to me on each of these I shall try to tell you. [Parts 1–4]

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