Most of the Essays have been incorporated into the Chapters. They are a good introduction to the material, prior to digesting the entire book.

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Chapter 16 [chapter-16.htm] is not part of the actual narrative but will be an "organic" part of the book, subject to addition and change. It already contains the picture gallery that is relevant to Chapter 14 - it is recommended that Readers should print the illustrations for reference when engaged with these chapters - and the Bibliography. Additionally it is intended that updates and comments from other sources will be inserted here as they become available.

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Bio by Roy Vincent:

Born in South Wales, I spent my early years there, apart from four years wartime service in the Royal Navy. In 1950, I graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and immediately began work at the Sellafield Nuclear Plant, where I spent all of my working life. I retired early, and began an entirely new life developing my smallholding, and my interest in horses. Quite by chance, and following a seemingly innocent investigation and an interest in dowsing, a situation developed from which I began to hear voices.

That was in 1979, and to this day I have never been free from intrusions into my mind, or from intruding presences within my body. YES - INTRUSIONS. Because of what I was doing at the time, and from all that has followed, I have not the smallest shadow of doubt that my experiences re-sult from spiritual intrusion into my mind and body. I have never been ill from this cause, although there have been difficult times. My purpose in writing is to inform and encourage – yes, to encourage those who are troubled by voices to believe that they can regain control of their minds and thoughts, and to help them to do so.

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