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Due to capacity constraints we had to move some large Yoga files off this server. The books may be available at other websites as shown below. (Also see Amazon links at bottom.)

To recommend other sources, please use the Contact form on this site: /contact/

Yoga index is here: /yoga/

Files removed:

Harold Percival - Thinking and Destiny.pdf can be found at a few places, including TheWordFoundation.Org:

Lucy Lidell - The Sivananda Companion to Yoga.pdf -- an alternate source could not be located. (see Amazon below.)

Philosophy of Gorakhnath-by-Akshaya-Kumar-Banerjea.pdf can be found at Ocoy.Org If this page does not load, there are a few other sources of the file on the web.

Swami Niranjananda Saraswati - Prana and Pranayama.pdf [correct spelling Niranjanananda Saraswati] is available at Scribd.Com:

Paperback or Kindle versions at Amazon

If you don't see images, your browser may be blocking them.

The nexts two copies seem to be rare and have strange pricing:

Amazon affiliate commissions help defray our costs.


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