Alfred R. Pulyan

(1896-1966) Zen Master, South Kent, Connecticut

Alfred Pulyan, Zen Master

Pulyan Timeline & Published Writings


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Event / Publication
1896 Nov.
Alfred R. Pulyan born (New York City?) November 11th
Listed in Federal Census: living in New York City, age 32
1958 June
First (?) letter to Aberree editor, from New York, NY A name means nothing.... Ref:
1959 April
Letter to Aberree editor, from So. Kent, CT The Second Coming Ref:
1959 June
Article for The Aberree The Penny That Blots Out the Sun the-penny-that-blocks-out-the-sun.htm Ref:
1959 Jul-Aug
Article for The Aberree The Chessboard: Is It Black or White?chessboard-is-it-black-or-white.htm Ref:
1960 March
Letter to Aberree editor Awakening.... Ref:
1960 April
Article for The Aberree What Is It We Fear in Visitors from Space? That They Might Be Like Us?why-fear-visitors-outer-space.htm Ref:
1960 June
Article for The Aberree The World's Ill-Health: What's Back of It?worlds-ill-health-whats-back-of-it.htm Ref:
1960 Jul/Aug
Letter to Aberree editor To hell with me....[fragment] Ref:
1960 August
Began corresponding with Richard Rose Letters from a Zen Master /pulyan/letters/1960-0820-pulyan.htm
1960 Sept.
Article for The Aberree Life's Pretty Forlorn, as Some See Itlife-pretty-forlorn-as-some-see-it.htm Ref:
1960 Nov.
Article for The Aberree & God Disposes Ref:
1961 Jan/Feb
Letter to Aberree editor Nose of the camel.... Ref:
1961 May
Last letter to Richard Rose Letters from a Zen Master /pulyan/letters/1961-0517-pulyan.htm
1962 March
Letter to Aberree editor; Calories don't count.... Ref:
1964 Jan/Feb
Last (?) letter to Aberree editor; Surprisingly bad.... Ref:
1964 Jul/Aug
Letter from reader to Aberree editor re Pulyan: bugged by recent letters from Pulyan.... [fragment] Ref:
1966 April
Died, South Kent, CT 06785


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