The Law of Suggestion

James H. Loryea a.k.a. "Santanelli"

Pub. 1902

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James Hawthorne Loryea, aka Santanelli

Title Page and Preface

Note: The American mystic and hypnotist Richard Rose (1917-2005) [wikipedia] frequently stated that "Santanelli" was the only writer he ever encountered who truly understood the functioning of the human mind.

Is Man A Free Agent?

The Law of Suggestion



What and Why it Is, and How to Induce It

The Law of Nature

Mind, Heredity, Etc.



[James Hawthorne Loryea]

Those Who See Should Lead the Blind

Lansing, Michigan

The Santanelli Publishing Co.


Burns & Oates, 28 Orchard St., London, W.

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"A friend in need is a friend indeed." Oh! how true; touch a man's pocket and you instantly touch his heart, which seems to be at the other end of the nerve. Like the elevator boy, I have had many "ups and downs," but unlike him, I feel that my "downs" have been twice or thrice to every "up."

Acquaintances I have by the score, friends but two, therefore am at least a hundred per cent better off than most of mankind. These two friends have had their faith tried many and many a time, yet were always ready to respond.

Many the hour, both day and night, have I thought of them; many the resolution have I formed, but my good intentions availed them not. 'Tis said that Hades is paved with good intentions, but they are of no commercial value and repay no material loans. Some day "when my ship comes in"–if it be laden with other than air castles,–I may have something other than good intentions to repay my true friends, Frank H. Doolittle, of Lansing, Mich., and Col. Le Gage Pratt, of East Orange, N. J. To them, with all my heart, is this book dedicated.

Santanelli's signature

(J. H. Loryea.) Lansing, Michigan, January, 1902.

Copyright 1902 by James H. Loryea

Entered at Stationers' Hall

All Rights Reserved

Printed and bound by

Robert Smith Printing Co.

Lansing, Mich., U.S.A.


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