Harold Koning - Instructions

Qi Gong class - A Summary


Focus is on the mind; not on the thoughts produced by the thinking brains.

Breathing: first pay attention to the movements and sensations of inhaling and exhaling.

Next gradually increase inhalation, and slow down time to exhale, to get into a state of calmness. Results in effortless power, calm power or powerful calmness; your choice.

Brains produce (very often) self limiting thoughts, which affect the body. It is the brains that come up with: “Yes but..”, “What if it does not work?”, “What am I supposed to feel?”, or “What is the science behind this?”

Mind holds all the self healing wisdom (innate, built in since birth) of physical intelligence, emotional intelligence and intuitive intelligence. These intelligences are interrelated.

Stilling the thinking process, and focus on intent to attract Heavenly Qi and Earth Qi and intent to allow Qi to flow through the whole body. The body is waiting for the opportunity of NOT THINKING, so it can go into self healing mode. Basic rules: movement follows breathing; mind moves Qi, Qi moves blood.

With still brains move Qi through the spine, to balance the central nervous system.

Release of everything that does not serve your wellness with:

  1. Push hands; pushing forward, away from body
  2. Pushing side ways; extending arms at the end of collecting Earth Qi.
  3. Breathing out; with every out breath send out something you don’t want to keep in your system. (one topic at a time)
Dr. Harold Koning, Qi Gong Master