Chapter 16

Loose Ends

Essays - Illustrations - Ploys - Bibliography

In the main text I have described a number of stratagems or "ploys" that are used by intruding entities to disrupt and control the mind of a voice-hearer. It is essential that they be read within the context of the narrative as I have written it. However, in order that they may be referred to subsequently without having to re-read the narrative, I have gathered them together in a page "Summary of Ploys" (link below) where they appear in no special order of importance.

Also below is a gallery of the Illustrations that are referred to in the earlier sections, and are put here for ease of reference rather than in the main text.

Additionally, there is a Bibliography of books mentioned in the text, and others that are relevant.

Independent of my writing this book, but in the same vein, and drawing a lot from it, I have written a series of "stand alone" essays. These may be read separately from the book, and may be reproduced or quoted individually, with due attribution.


Most of the Essays have been incorporated into the Chapters. They are a good introduction to the material, prior to digesting the entire book. They are titled as follows:


Clicking on the thumbnails below will take you to the illustrations:


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