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DriedShitZen - google cache (cache date Sep 10, 2009)

Chronological order - reverse of twitter

  1. "Subhuti, what do you say? Does a rabbit with horns exist, or not?"
  2. "Venerable One, it does not really exist, but has been falsely conceived by some, therefore, to them at least, it does."
  3. "Excellent, Subhuti. It is just like this. A mortal world has been falsely conceived by some and to them exists, but we know it does not."
  4. "Subhuti, what do you think? If a young buck like yourself were as generous with your sexual attentions with as many widows -- "
  5. "as there are sand grains in the Ganges, using as many erect cocks as there are stars in the sky, would this be a lot?"
  6. "Plenty, Venerable Master." "Well, Subhuti, memorizing just one verse of this Dried Shit Zen Sutra will get you even more merit than that!"
  7. Nobody knows what the mind is. This is simply a fact. But Buddha went further. He said that it is impossible to "know" what mind is.
  8. What is mind? Where is your mind right now? What is it doing? Can you find it?
  9. Why would you merely trust what a Guru or Rinpoche or Roshi tells you about the mind, and senselessly repeat his or her words?
  10. There is always the path of direct realization, whereby your original nature becomes manifest to you in a striking way free of "teachings."
  11. But nobody wants to follow this path. Instead, you'll pick up on somebody saying something and get excited.
  12. "Wow! Mind is luminous!" Yes, if you realized it for yourself, that word "luminous" might have some meaning.
  13. "Dried shit is the original Buddha! That's so funny and so apt!" If only you knew.
  14. It doesn't matter who is "ahead of" or "behind" you in terms of realization. This is all just delusion, false conceiving.
  15. After all, the mind you have to realize is the mind as it's working in you. Right now. Whether it's the "same" as Universal Mind: who knows?
  16. Knowing something intellectually is a very dim shadow of instantaneous realization.
  17. @ArielBravy. Keep it cool, baby. Watch it and enjoy it but always be cool.
  18. This is a tweet about this precious opportunity -- this human life. I will say no more.
  19. A monk asked: "Not producing a single thought, can there be any fault?" Yunmen answered, "Mount Sumeru."
  20. Whatever marvelous awakening you experience, it's all going to come back to living an everyday life. Isn't that fantastic?

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