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Chronological order - predates and leads up to the long version

  1. Buddha was a great Rishi. His comprehensive theory of the cosmos, Dependent Arising, is unmatched for depths and logical rigor.
  2. With that theory in hand, you can dismiss all metaphysical speculation, all religion, and concentrate solely on ending suffering.
  3. It's an odd fact that you can be absorbed in Clear Light and fully enjoy the objects of the senses, but you cannot desire them.
  4. Desire shatters the Clear Light, or at least in an illusory way it does, and plunges you into the anguish of constant attraction/revulsion.
  5. It's with desire that a "you" arises that seems so defined, so extraordinary, so different from others.
  6. That "sticking" to particular phenomena is cemented in place by thoughts.
  7. In fact, your desire energy is extraordinary. "You" in this sense are extraordinary. Your desire is Shakti with an accent mark.
  8. Do not give up your desire so easily, just because Buddha says you should, or a Zen master says you should.
  9. Shatter yourself on it!
  10. Shakti gives you this extraordinary desire. Why? Don't know. Maybe she longs for the itch of Shiva's unshaven face.
  11. Desire has sprung up everywhere. It has turned into thoughts. In that sense, "duality" is a fact. We are duality. Is this not wonderful?
  12. Get up at 2:00 AM and do some direct non-conceptual Clear Light realizing. After all, it works best when your thinking-mind is exhausted.
  13. Buddha's simple meditative technique got muddled in the transmission as the Dharma was ritualized and intellectualized.
  14. Originally it was probably something like this: Meditating, watch all that arises and falls, including thoughts, desires, sensations, etc.
  15. Fully see that these impermanent objects, taken alone or in combination, cannot possibly be the "I," the "Atman," the "Subject."
  16. Fully experience the absolute, shocking "duality" of A) Perception and B) all perceived objects (including the sensory organs, etc).
  17. I give much credit to @mujaku and his "Dark Zen" collaborators for recognizing all this and clearly stating the case for Atman.
  18. But grasping at "luminous Mind" as Self, totally distinct from the five skandhas, is just creating another straw dog.

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