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Due to capacity constraints we had to move some large Psychology files off this server. The books are available at other websites as shown below. Mentalism file resources are listed here: mentalism-files-redirect-page.htm

To recommend other sources, please use the Contact form on this site: /contact/

Psychology index is here: /psychology/

Files removed:

Julian-Jaynes-Origin-of-Consciousness-Breakdown-of-Bicameral-Mind.pdf [3 megabytes, but too heavily downloaded] Can be found in html at JulianJaynes.Org
Main page:
Introduction: origin-of-consciousness_english_introduction.php
Chapter 1: origin-of-consciousness_english_book-one-chapter-one.php
Chapter 2: origin-of-consciousness_english_book-one-chapter-two.php
Charper 3: origin-of-consciousness_english_book-one-chapter-three.php
Etc. -- hack the Url

Aldous-Huxley-The-Perennial-Philosophy.pdf can be found at Archive.Org:

Aldous-Huxley-Time-Must-Have-a-Stop.pdf is at Scribd.Com:

Eric Berne - Games People Play.pdf can be read online in html hrere:

JH-Kellogg-1910-Plain-Facts-for-Old-and-Young--celibacy-chastity.pdf can be found at Archive.Org:


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